Gossip Girl Season 2 Finale-what do you think will happen in season 3?

First off-I love love love GG. This last episode was bomb, because it opened so many doors for next season that I didn't even see coming!

spoilers below!

I just watched season 2 finale, and would like to hear what others think will happen next season. Here is what I picked up:

-Serena and jonathan's dad is alive! What will happen to Rufus and Lily!?

-Georgina is back! Her and Blair are rooming together next year-that will make for an interesting scenario!

-Dan could go to Yale now if he wants, since Georgina got Rufus' $$ back.

-Rufus and Lily's son is going to be in next season-at least for a little bit.

-We will still be connected to Constance, since Jenny got queen!

-ANNND Chuck and Blair are together...finally:)

-OH, and I have a weird feeling that a lot of them are going to some how end up going to NYC...I dont know why.

Did I miss anything!? I am pretty excited for next season already.

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, i agree 100%

    i loved the blair/jenny senerio it was kind of like their relationship coming to an end and wraping it up nicely.

    Serenas dad thing will deffiantly be a huge thing next season! that will mix up things with lily and rufus!

    gorgina i have no idea what shes up to.. im thinking some sort of crazy scemes..

    dan could go to yale.. im thinking he might

    The son, omg am i the only one who noticed how much of a CREEP he was ? LOL.

    Im interested to see what jenny does! im hoping she'll kind of get some of her rebel ways back maybe get blair to show her the ropes?

    Chuck and blair = AMAZING. im so happy they're together now!

    omg, that would be so awesome if they did end up going to NYC actually, like holy! it would make sense.. because what good is it to know about everyones gossip from another city right??

    Ahhh! i could see that happen, great idea! =D

    check this site out, you might like it im always on there for spoilers :)


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  • 4 years ago

    They're together! And Chuck said I love you back to Blair in the End and it was so sweet :) It'll make you cry! Seriously! Yes, thank GOD there will be a season 3. I'm just wondering what'll happen to Gossip Girl since she only covers High School.

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