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In trying to track my Phipps heritage back to the Scotch-Irish settlement in the U.S.A I found out that.?

My Greatx2 grandfather was Silas B Phipps-June 1842 Who birthed my great grandfather who was one of 12 to 15 children he was Charley W Phipps-Feb. 1887 who birthed my grandfather Morris C Phipps. Can you help me go back from Silas B Phipps.? Thanks again to all that takes there time to help me with this info. My children are really getting a new found respect for American History now that they can trace there family...

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    Silas B Phipps

    Birth: 3 Jun 1847; Lee County, Virginia

    Death: 12 Apr 1923 ;Jonesville, Lee, Virginia; Burial in

    Slagle Cemetery, Wallen Ridge, Lee, Virginia, USA (on Daniel Boone Heritage Highway)

    Married: 23 Oct 1873 in , Lee, Virginia

    Rebecca Slagle (Parents: Francis Slagle & Mary E Lawson)

    Birth: 12 Sep 1852 ;Rocky Station, Lee, Virginia

    Death: 4 Feb 1931; Lee County, Virginia

    Their children:

    1.George Kempton Phipps --b.31 Jul 1874;Lee, Virginia, USA

    2.Alpha L Phipps--b. 24 Sep 1875;Lee, Virginia, USA

    3.Alley Phipps--b.abt 1876;Virginia, USA

    4.Nancy Phipps--b. Jan 1878;Virginia

    5.Lilly F Phipps--b. abt. 1879;Virginia, USA

    6. William Bishop Phipps--b. Oct 1880;Virginia

    7. Lucille J Phipps--b. 1881; d. 1959

    8.Henry Harrison Phipps--b. 4 Mar 1882, Lee, Virginia; d.12 Oct 1935

    Virginia, USA

    9. Mary Phipps--b. Jan 1884;Virginia

    10. Igia Levina Phipps --b. 5 Aug 1885; d. 11 Jan 1969, both in Lee, VA

    11.(GGF) Charley W Phipps--b.17 Nov 1887; Washington, Virginia, USA

    12.Alpha L Phipps--b. Jul 1888;Virginia, USA

    13. Martha Phipps--b. Apr 1890; Virginia

    14.Lizzie Phipps--b. Sep 1892;Virginia

    15.Milford Franklin Phipps--b. 6 Jul 1894;Jonesville, Lee, Virginia, USA ;d. 28 Oct 1935; Lee, Virginia, USA

    16. Vick Phipps (female)--b. May 1896;Virginia (wonder if this was a nickname for Victoria??)

    .U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900

    Name: Silas B. Phipps (GGGF or Greatx2)

    Gender: male

    Birth Year: 1847

    Spouse Name: Rebecca Slagle

    Spouse Birth Year: 1852


    Year: 1873

    Marriage State: VA

    Number Pages: 1

    1850 United States Federal Census

    Lists parents and baby sister , Evelina Phipps


    John Charles (or Charlie) Phipps (Great x3)--b. 1822; Grayson, Shenandoah Valley, Washington, Virginia (occupation in 1850: Laborer)

    Married : 1835 to

    Nancy Oaks--b. 1822; Carter County, Tenn.

    Their other children (Silas' siblings, he was oldest):

    2.Evaline PHIPPS b: 1849 in Lee Co., VA

    3. Mary PHIPPS b: 1852 in Lee Co., VA

    4. David PHIPPS b: 1854 in Lee Co., VA

    5. Joel PHIPPS b: 1858 in Lee Co., VA

    6. Henry PHIPPS b: 1861 in Lee Co., VA


    Isaac PHIPPS (Greatx4) --b. ABT 1795 in Washington Co., VA ; d. Bef 1880 - Lee, Virginia, USA

    Married: ABT 1811 in Washington Co., VA to

    Catherine --b. abt. 1796 in Washington Co., VA


    1.Abraham PHIPPS b: ABT 1812 in Washington Co., VA

    2.**John Charlie PHIPPS b: 1820 in Washington Co., VA

    3.Peter PHIPPS b: 1825 in Washington Co., VA

    4.Prudence PHIPPS b: 1827 in Washington Co., VA

    5. Sarah PHIPPS b: 1830 in Washington Co., VA

    6. Rebecca PHIPPS b: 1835 in Lee Co., VA

    7.Joel PHIPPS b: 1837 in Lee Co., VA

    8.Elkanah Delany "Caney" PHIPPS b: JUL 1843 in Lee Co., VA

    "In Reply to: Isaac Phipps, VA"--several notes:

    1. George Washington (1732-1799)--future 1st President--

    Survey, April 23, 1751, of 247 1/2 acres in Frederick County, Virginia, for ISAIAH Phipps.( Isaac's father?)

    Through his friendship with Thomas, Lord Fairfax, and other Fairfax family members resident in Virginia, seventeen-year-old George Washington secured a commission as surveyor of the newly created Northern Neck county of Culpeper in 1749. With Lord Fairfax's permission, Washington was soon surveying lands in the Northern Neck Proprietary west of the Blue Ridge. By the spring of 1751, when the young man plotted out the boundaries of this piece of land for ISAIAH Phipps, he had executed dozens of surveying warrants in what was then Frederick County. (This could possibly be the settlement you're referring to. Go to this section of the article--Some Early New River Pioneers--and families are in alphabetical order):

    "Benjamin Phipps, b. Guilford Co. NC, circa 1761, came into the New River frontier in the 1770s according to his pension record. He is the only Phipps on the 1786 Mont. Co. tax list. His homestead was on Saddle Creek, and he m. Jane Hash in 1782; proof of marriage submitted for pension was a page torn from a Kirk of Scotland psalm book. Served in Osborne's militia. Nuckolls states that Benjamin's brother, Isaiah, came about the same time; some Phipps homesteads were on Saddle Creek and some on Bridle. Other names that show up include Izsck and William. Benjamin's son, Capt. Joseph Phipps was a well-known leader (Nuckolls, 173), who m. Nancy McMillan, daughter of John McM., who came from Scotland to Ashe Co. on Elk Creek. Also see Cravens and Mullins, The Phipps Family of NC and VA (1982). In Fields text is a lengthy discussion of the history of Benj. Phipps by his great-grandson; also states that a Joseph Phipps ca

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    I was going to give you my little answers but this marvelous geneologist just blew me out of the

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