What happened in the Gossip Girl Season 2 Finale?

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    *Nate and vanessa are going to Europe as friends

    *Dan is going to N.Y.U

    *Blair is also attending N.Y.U and apparently Georgina is going to be her new roommate.

    *Blair crowned Jenny as the New Queen of Constance (Queen J) Jenny wants to be Queen to stop the monarchy.

    *Gossip Girl sent a blast and Serena wanted to take her down but she was thwarted.

    *Lily and Rufus got engaged

    *Scott (the Lily and Rufus love child) made an appearance and he´s going to N.Y.U, he spoke to Dan briefly (but did not tell him who he was)

    *GG sent a blast telling everybody about Dan´s affair with Miss Carr, Chuck sleeping with Vanessa and Blair hook up with Jack Bass.

    *Blair tells Chuck he loves him but he refuses to say it back. He manages to tell her he loves her in the last minutes of the season finale and they get togther.

    *Georgina got all the money back and returned it (told it to Dan by cell)

    *Vanessa is also going to NYU

    *Serena went to Europe also...apparently she´s trying to find her dad and Carter baizen is helping her out.

    I guess that´s it pretty much...

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    What happened in the Gossip Girl Season 2 Finale?

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    - serena tries to found out who was gossip girl but failed

    - this is because gg blasted out the old secrets of nate, blaire, chuck, dan and serena

    - blaire and chuck "bluck" had some problems with their relationship at the beginning of the episode, but it resolves in a sweet ending

    - also blaire is going to be roomates with georgina in nyc while serena goes to brown as planned

    - dan goes to nyu with the son of lily and rufus

    - nate and vanessa gets back together and goes backpacking in europe during the summer

    - last but not least, blaire officially made jenny "queen j"

    i hope there is going to be a third season!

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    chuck finally told blair he loved her at the end of the show ... all secrets were blasted on gossip girl nate , chuck , serena , dan , blair , the new queen bee is jenny .... rufus asked lily to marry him , georgina asks to be roomate with blair ....... dan got his money back ... and there was a dude at the end that mite be rufus n lily son i wasn't payin attention that good

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    Chuck finally told Blair that he loved her!!! It was so sweet! And I believe that there will be a third season, not sure yet.

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