for people from California?

i'm from michigan, and i really wanna move to cali. i love big cities, and i've never been to cali, but i've had a longing to move there. i'm 17, and a singer and songwriter and dancer....not that really has anything to do with cali.

SOOOO, is cali pretty, or is it grungy. would it be a stepdown from MI???? i'd love to live near the ocean, right now i live near DC, and i'm soooo sick of it. ick.

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    HEH depends on where you move TO. If you don't mind INSANE traffic, with stupid, wreckless drivers, & highways that are either 2 mph or 75, then you'll love the coast ;) (ok, so that's a bit exaggerated...haha)

    If you like the foothills/mountains, but don't mind yellow foothills, then that's good too.

    If you HATE 100 degrees +, then don't move to the valley! ;) at least the lower half.

    If you love trees, northern Cali is great.

    Don't know much about anything 3 hours south of Fresno, CA (which is kinda in the middle-ish area, in the big valley) except that it gets REALLY HOT (just the other day, in Coalinga, a few hours south of Fresno, it was 110...& it's only May!!)

    & most of CA, at least south of Sacramento (unless you're in the mountains, of course, or the grapevine--the route from like the valley-ish to LA) doesn't get a whole lot of least, what I can think of. Don't quote me on that tho. ;)

    Any other questions just email me :]

    Source(s): I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA AS YOU CAN TELL :) :) btw California is the BEST state cuz we have EVERYTHING........except for extreme humidity & flash floods ;) & hurricanes, & dust storms, & tornadoes, & super super bad earthquakes (contrary to popular belief...)....... but beware of fires in southern Cali, like LA, Santa Barbara south........
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    If you have a lot of money California is ok. I used to love San Francisco, but now it's looking grungy. Every where you go you see tagging, it's starting to look like one big ghetto. In the cities you see a lot of homeless people. Drivers are very aggressive, cost of living is high, and taxes just increased. If I had the opportunity I would leave.

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    My wife's good friend is friend Michigan and recently moved down here (Orange County, Beach Cities) and she loves it. If you like the balanced lifestyle that incorporates busy schedules with a balanced amount of relaxation time then Cali is for you.

  • Andrea
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    Well Southern California is perfect for you:

    most Beautiful beach towns include: Seal Beach, Huntington Beach(where I live), Santa Monica, San diego(a big duh!)

    We have terrible trafic. one thing you'll be happy it's that when it gets hot it's dry hot, so you won't get as sweaty. Bad things we get a lot of fires because of that. Northen California are more forests and Mountains.

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