What does "culture of corruption" mean?

Suddenly this phrase is coming up repeatedly today.

So I'm thinking..

I don't know, what AM I supposed to be thinking?


it go like this?

Liberals are in authority now, "holding the reins" as it were, right? So liberalism I guess, well it's a

corruption of what Real America is all about.


I don't know, the? idea is that, well it must be corrupt.

We'll just start calling it a


of corruption. And heck, we'll just find a way to make it stick later.

This is politics, right? Whetever that's supposed to mean too.

So does this "culture of corruption" mean something?

Couldn't we just stick to

"socialism is going to ruin everything"?

I'm confused, I thought it was the insidious socialists that I was afraid of. (And big government and abortion-supporters and gays of course.)

"Culture of corruption"?



i'm giving the chicago politics answer one thumbs up instead of down only because it makes sense and its informative

it sounds like it's being rolled out for some meaning with more momentum than that though

it's suddenly being repeated a lot more.

i'm looking to see if the people saying it really know what they mean? or just starting to sound desperate?

maybe "culture of corruption"

just sounds better than

"help I'm losing"

I'm not entirely sure yet.

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    1 decade ago
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    Culture of Corruption = GOP

  • 1 decade ago

    It was a catch phrase the Democrats used to try to paint all the Republicans with the same brush.

    Now it is backfiring on them. Any politician in power is prone to corruption Democrat or Republican.

  • 5 years ago

    Of all the people in the world, President Obama is the most non-racist person there is. Obama is both races, he was raised by a white mother, white grandma and grandpa. Now, what Black man would ever say that he hates his mama or his grandma? That just wouldn't happen. If Fox, the Reinvented News, would do their research they wouldn't have time to be so racist. Beck is a depressed man who seems to like to scare people. That is what Beck does best, he hates and attacks because he hates himself. I bet he even hates his mother.

  • 1 decade ago

    Chicago politics, Antoine Rezko, Acorn... these are some who got the perfect answers for the question - and their One friend up there...

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