Microsoft Access HELP!?

I have a project in my computer class where I have to work with Microsoft Access and I'm so confused. My assignment will be a database on my music library.

The requirements are: 5 tables, 1 primary key, 1 foreign key, each table must have 2 fields, and 5 records per table.

I REALLY DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS AT ALL. Since I'm unfamiliar with Microsoft Access--this assignment is like trying to work with a cooking recipe with no ingredients. I'm not asking you to do it for me but I need some serious help on planning.

Thank you for your time : )

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    Microsoft Access is a system that manages data into tables, similar to tables in Excel.

    Access is a relational database, in the sense that you can create links from one table to another. These links avoir creating duplicate information.

    Lets assume that you have 2 tables: table Classrooms and table Students.

    To create links between Classrooms and Students, you'll need 3 (yes, 3) tables:

    1. Classrooms: the primary key will be something unique (like the classroom's door number), then other information such as the class' student capacity, floor, etc.

    2. Students: the primary key will be something like the student's Social Security Number (which we know is unique) and other information such as FirstName, LastName, Date of birth, etc.

    3. The third table is a links between the classrooms and the students. This table typically has 2 foreign key: one is the classroom's primary key, the other is the students' primary key. So, if your class has 10 students, you can expect 10 rows in this table for 1 classroom.

    In the case of your music assignment, you'll probably have the following tables:

    - CD Records: artist foreign key, category foreign key, cd name, year, etc.

    - Artists: artist primary key, name, band name, etc.

    - Category: category primary key, category name, etc.

    You can find 2 other tables to link to your record library. If you don't know the info to put, look at iTunes for example, it will give you hints of data to link to your albums.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!

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