Ramadan:::: What makes someone a unity fan?

Isnt a Unity Fan someone who just wants peace between Shias and Sunnis? Thats what i thought, but apparently i am so wrong. So what is the exact definition of a Unity Fan?

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    I'm a Unity Fan and yes a Unity Fan wants peace between our Shia and Sunni fellow Muslims. A proper definition is: We Unity Fans are impartial personalities and like all impartial personalities (such as referees, umpires, judges etc) we will always be seen as favouring the other side. I mean we are the ones who stand up for justice, are more open minded and objective (not subjective) and often one will find, we will give a view which agrees with a Sunni viewpoint and Shias will get annoyed with us thinking we support the Sunnis and conversely if we give a view which agrees with a Shia viewpoint and Sunnis will then get annoyed with us thinking we support the Shias, so like a referee in a soccer match, you never win and are always the least liked because you choose to sit on the fence and approach issues in an objective and impartial manner. Sadly and I've noticed this in all aspects of life, the Peacemakers are always the ones who are most hated coz you can never ever please either side as people want you to agree only with their side of the story and you mustn't even hear what the other person has to say. I'm sorry but I will continue to be a Unity Fan and peacemaker.

    And this is my view (my answer here) on how Unity should be achieved


    And Allah knows best

    EDIT: YAHOO - That's not true:

    Firstly, we cannot generalize and start to assume that all Unity fans condone the wrongful statements of those Shias who condemn, slander and awfully declare Kuffar (even) upon the Sahaba (ra), I will never condone or support the view of any Shia who does such a thing but not all Shia Muslims slander and character assassinate the Sahaba (ra). Secondly, it's not as if to say that all Sunnis or Salafis are innocent and don't do their fair share of wrong in declaring Kuffar unfairly and unjustifiably upon fellow Muslims, not to mention the deraugatory way they insult some Shia Muslims by calling them illegitimate products of Mutah etc, so both sides have their wrongdoers and I as a Unity fan acknowledge this. As a Unity Fan, I stand for justice (not for Shiasm, Sunnism, Salafism or any other Sectarianism in Islam), I stand for justice and I will speak out if I notice any Shia slandering and wrongfully attacking a Sahaba (ra). However the definition of Sahaba must also be made clear as by Sahaba, I hope that Sunnis/Salafis aren't also referring also to the likes of Yazid who was responsible for the murder of our beloved Imam Hussain (ra).

    EDIT: Also if I was so "hypocritical" and agreeing with everything Shias say, then why did I not condone the views expressed by the questioners in these questions asked:



  • The concept of the "unity fan" opposes the teachings and the understanding of Islaam of the Sahaabah.

    The Sahaabah, who understood Islaam best, did not tolerate innovations in the Islaamic creed or in acts of worship, because they knew such things were major sins, and from the worst of affairs. Also these innovations if left unchecked, lead mankind into major shirk. (This is how Shaytaan led the people in the time of Prophet Noah to shirk).

    Unity fans, however, call for superficial “reconciliation” between groups that are upon truth and groups that are upon sin, innovation, and falsehood. This “reconciliation” and “unity” is unholy as there is no genuine rectification or correction of false beliefs. So the end result is an insincere alliance based upon what is displeasing to Allaah. This leads to the dilution of the religion of Islaam and to widespread confusion with regards to understanding what beliefs and practices lead to Paradise and what incorrect beliefs and heretical practices lead to the Fire.

    Source(s): "Is this Islaamic?" http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AjSmQ... "Unity and Division with regards to Innovation in Light of the Teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him" http://www.salafyink.com/aqeedah/UnitingPeopleInno...
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    This pussy wants no unity with Wahhabi/Salafi, they mean nothing to me, they smell any way, and support Israel against Palestinians anyway, so who cares about you people. You and your leaders are cowards. Go kiss the hand and bow down to your kings in saudi, cause that is who you really worship.

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    Please read the following :

    The term 'unity fan' should not be used in reference to those seeking unity between the truth and deviated sects. It gives the impression that those who disagree are against unity. Islaam is clear on the importance of unity, and as Ibn Mas'ood has said : "Differing is evil." [Sunan Abee Daawood (1/307) with an authentic chain].

    However, there is a criteria for this unity - and what we are to unite upon is the truth. There is no unity between truth and falsehood, and anyone who claims that there should be is deluded


    Can I ask you sister, do you understand the above ?


    Also, as indicated to, I recommend people stop using the term 'unity fan' to refer to something derogatory. The fact this term is being used in this way could be leading to confusion as well as being detrimental to those trying to understand,

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    Absorbing the insult of sahaba,

    bcoz when a shia curse a sahabi, unity fan do not stop him/her

    bur when muslim( sunni)post a question in dfence of sahaba or his/her beliefs.Every body jumps on him and blame him fitna monger.

    but the pserson who starts it doesn't get any blame.

    see the link, this is just to taste the whole dish is inside..LOL


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    What makes someone a unity fan?

    Ignorance/Limited knowledge of Islam.

    Are we against Unity?



    What is the connection between unity and refuting falsehood?


    Source(s): Real unity fan, not a fake one.
  • What Wazeer said

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    Im too tired to explain for the umteenth time. Unity fans are misguided thats all I say.

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    Some of us are just sick of sectarian violence.

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