How to cut plywood without a saw?

I am working on a mousetrap project for school, and my base is using plywood. My plywood isn't thin and is pretty thick. I don't have a hand saw or any other type of saw. I have a drill. Any ideas on how to cut my rectangular piece of plywood the smoothest and quickest? (This project is due tomorrow) Please help, and thanks in advance!


I also have another question. My friend is working on her car and it looks perfect but it doesn't move. How does the mousetrap car move? Is there a certain way to put the string on or a certain place to put the mousetrap on? We are being graded based on how far our mousetrap car goes, so if our car doesn't move at all, then we get no points. Thanks again!

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  • Msean
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    1 decade ago
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    A couple of options:

    Forget the piece you already have and go to Home Depot, get one of their 2 x 4 pieces of plywood and ask them to cut it.


    Clamp a straight edge on your plywood and take a heavy duty utility knife and carefully make many, many cuts using lots of pressure.


    Go to It looks like they made one without wood, just the trap.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you don't have a saw try using a piece of wire or string, pull it back and forth along the edge and maybe it will cut through. If not your screwed, sorry.

  • S1lent
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    1 decade ago


    You can use a sharp knife. One thing that will make it easier to cut...wet the wood.

    Enjoy that project and be careful with that knife.


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