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whats the movie 'Ils' based on?

i know its based on the true sstory about the austrian couple murdered by 3 teenagers.

but whats the full story?

i really need help. its for an essay

so thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sorry there is no true story, the whole Austrian couple killed thing does not appear to be true. This is actually a common thing with horror films they say their films are based on something that really happened and it turns out it was just inspired by numerous things but not one killing in particular. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a great example of people being duped into believe the killing/murderer/story is real. Look at how many people on here ask if leatherface is still alive, ridiculous.

    Sorry I know that doesn't help your essay but perhaps you can switch it up to how people are tricked into believing horror films are real because of the "based on a true story" lie that half of them use to intro films.

    Ils was a good film btw, I'm not knocking it, just saying it's not true.

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