Boat title nightmare TX, AR & MO?

Lets start at the end and work back in time from what I know. I purchase a boat, outboard, and trailer from my brother in law in Arkansas. I live in Missouri. The only paperwork that I have is a handwritten bill of sale and some old registration renewal papers from the previous owners(prior to the brother in law's purchase). The brother in law purchased the boat with a land purchase. The boat, motor, and trailer originated in Texas.

In Arkansas you do not have to have a title for the boat and outboard for registration. You do have to have one for the trailer. In MO you have to have all 3. The sellers of the land/boat (to the brother in law) did not have the titles and now cannot be reached. We are now at a dead end.

MO DMV says I would have to go to probate court. My sister is telling me MO is obligated to create new titles becuase of the Arkansas law-(titles not required)

Can anyone please HELP????!!!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    OK, the guy that sold these to your brother, didn't have the right to sell them. Then, the brother, since he didn't legally own them, had no right to turn around and sell them to you.

    MO CANNOT create new titles, because the guy you got them from, didn't legally own the vehicles.

    What you REALLY need to do, is go down to your MO DMV, and ask them about how to get bonded titles for these guys. You'll have extra forms to fill out, and you'll pay more money, but the vins will eventually get searched throughout all 50 states, and if any of them are stolen or repos, the BOND that you paid for, will pay off the rightful owners so you can then register and title them in your name.

    It will be a PITB, take maybe six months, and cost you an extra, maybe $1,000. Not sure if it's worth it. OTOH, if you have the bill of sale from BIL, and don't like him much, you can just give them back to him and demand your money back. Even though AR doesn't require titles, they DO require you to register the boats so you own them before you sell them - which he did NOT do.

  • 5 years ago

    Going thru the same thing right now. No title on the outboard motor because you don t even have to title or register any outboard motors in Arkansas. Never buy boat from Arkansas without all titles! Ugh

  • 5 years ago

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