Do you have any career suggestions?

I am well educated, but my degrees are in the liberal arts; thus, I don't have any concrete business skills that I can be confident in. In fact, I actually feel dumb, like I have nothing to offer in the workplace. Yes, there are soft skills like communication, teamwork, etc. But, I want to make some decent money and I want to have a skillset that I can be proud of. Any ideas of careers that I can get into that provide on-the-job training? I feel useless.....

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hey there,

    One, be proud of the education that you have! Did you know that only 29% of Americans have a college degree?

    Second, you don't learn business skills in college. You learn applicable theories but until you actually work, you will never develop those critical skills in sales, marketing, customer service, accounting, operatons, business development, etc etc.

    Third, look at managment trainee positions, where it will be a great training ground to start developing your skills and build up your experience!

    Many people hate their experience at Enterprise Rent-A-Car but I actually enjoyed my experience with them. I learned valuable experience in sales, marketing, management, customer service, operation, accounting, and much more. I eventually left for a much better opportunity and now looking to start-up my own business.

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    Consider and look into the field of HEALTHCARE! <THIS is where the jobs are in today's market/economy. Check out your local college/university/vocational school. The field of healthcare offers a lot of scholarships. Check it out..............

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