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What alcohol percentage does yeast die at?

i think it is between 10-15% but not sure.

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    It varies a lot between the different strains of yeast. He are a couple of examples.

    Liquor Quik™ Alcobase Extreme 23%

    High Alcohol Tolerant Turbo Yeast

    We also have a high alcohol tolerant Turbo yeast that can ferment very pure to 18%, if kept in temperature-controlled fermentation tanks at 25C, +-1C. If temperature is not held this steady it will not work: it will get over-heated and die because of the killing temperature. Also, it takes a week to ferment to 18%, needs 28% more yeast and always needs cooling. All this together increases the price of the fermentation. We highly recommend using the Temperature Tolerant 14-16% yeast instead. It costs less, is very reliable, and also has a "margin" to overcome minor human errors with temperature etc.

    High Alcohol Turbo Yeast Information

    Dosage is 4.64 kg for a 1000-liter fermentation.

    Packed in sacks of 20 kg.

    All fermentations must be temperature controlled 25C +-1C.

    Minimum order is 5 sacks.

    Specific gravity will be 982 after fermentation for 18% alcohol and 980 for 20% alcohol (take 2 weeks).

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  • mark
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, in that range. Not all yeast die at the same temperature, so there is no general answer to the question. Some wine can get to 15% but that's about it and wine yeast to my knowledge is the yeast that will survive the highest alcohol contents.

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    1 decade ago

    It depends on the strain of yeast. Champsgne yeast can tolerate 18%. Sam Adams has a yeast that can tolerate 26%. They use it to finish fermenting their Utopias beer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi, generally it dies at 15%.

    But that will depend on the grape veriety. Since is not the same for alll of them.

    Riesling will go to 13%

    And some Corvinas or Nebbiolos wuld go to 15.5 or ever 16%.

    So there you have the diference. Ciao!

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