For FUN - Anglicized classical composer names?

Anglicized, or Anglo-Saxonized:

Starting off with two very famous Italian Opera Composers:

Joe Green

Claude Greenberg



How about Louis Beetfield?

Update 2:

Gasp - it seems ijones keeps scriabin on a leash!

Update 3:

and taking it completely to far:

John Softwaring ?

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    wait so you want to posted a name and then anglicize it?

    Anthony Louis Baldy

    John Stevens Block

    Frank Shoemaker

    Louis Bateman

    Fred Showman

    Gage A. Motes

    the funnest part is guessing who they are!

    (most names didn't even get translated when coming to the United States, they were just spelled the way they sounded.)

    for instance - half of my family from italy "Abate" was translated to Abbott. another one would be Kobucci (Italian) translated to Kobuchi.

    EDIT: haha, oh man.... HAFWEN - George Freddy Transaction - that is priceless. :D

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    Giuseppe Verdi

    Claudio Monteverdi.

    YEs Joseph Green works, but Greenberg? Berg is not the "english" translation of Monte. So he should be Claude Montgreen... or something similar.

    What else?

    Hmm.. Bellini, is the plural of "little beautiful" (person or thing), so Bellini would be Vincent Pleasant (The only synonym of pretty that sounds like a name!)

    Rossini - This is derived from the word Rosso, meaning red... but I have no idea what the English translation of Giacchino is! I think the meaning is something about god, so I will use a common Biblical name.

    James Scarlett

    Vivaldi - I cant think of what Vivaldi means... I might ask my step-grandmother later, but for now we will go with the same surname as Rossini and Scarletti.... (Il Prete Russo!)

    Anthony Scarlett

    Scarlatti: this one is obvious! Scarlatti becomes - Alexander Scarlett.


    Ok... so Greenberg stays....

    and I add:

    John Patchyballs.

    Source(s): I dont know much about non-Italian surnames...
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    A language game? I'll play :) Well, "saens" could be a misspelling of either "sans" or "sens." So you have "Saint Without" or "Saint Meaning." Take your pick :)

    Anthony Freefarmer (Dvorak)

    Frederick Soured Cream (Smetana)

    Caesar Benjamin Governor (Cui)

    Maria Louis Charles Life-of-Zeus Savior Cherubs (Cherubini)

    Joseph Fortune Francis Green (Verdi)

    Claudius of the Woods or Claudius of the Mouth (Debussy- bussy is an *old* word, but I like the second one better) :)

    Louis of the Court Bed- or with the etymology- "Warrior of the Court Bed" (Beethoven)

    Hahaha.... There are others, but names like Schumann and Bach turn out to be a little dull :)

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    Bedřich Smetana = Fred Cream

    Gennadi Rozhdestvensky - Jeremy Christmas

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  • hafwen
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    1 decade ago

    What a great question!

    Okay, here are my contributions (all Renaissance and Baroque composers):

    George Freddy Transaction (Georg Friedrich Handel)

    Henry Conservation (Heinrich Schutz)

    Joe Deadwood (Joseph Bodin de Boismortier)

    Mark Tony Carpenter (Marc-Antoine Charpentier)

    John Phillip Branch (Jean-Philippe Rameau)

    Mike of the Bar (Michel de la Barre)

    Mark Babybird (Marco Uccellini)

    Fanny Hunter (Francesca Caccini)

    I'll add some more if I think of any!



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    Arnie Beautiful Mountain

    Holder of Village-Wolf

    I guess with Hugo Wolf you got to go both ways around "Sprit (of the) Wolf (Lobos)"

    "Alex Scribbling" (sorry, just my pet name for Alexander Scriabin)

    Edit: Yeah, Alex is on a leash now. He kept jumping the fence, and then there was always graffiti on the other side. :-)

  • Anya
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    George Frederic Hans (George Frederic Handel)

    John Sebastian River (Johann Sebastian Bach - Sebastian actually means 'revered', but I think that hardly sounds like a name.)

    Domenic Scarlett (Domenico Scarlatti)

    John Baptist Lullaby (Jean-Baptiste Lully)

    Frank Listing (Franz Liszt)

    Fred Ladler (Frederic Chopin)

    Frank Shoemaker (Franz Schubert)

    Robert Shoemaker (Robert Schumann)

    Servant Provoker (Sergei Prokofiev)

    Michael Day (Mikhail Glinka)

    Richard Carter (Richard Wagner)

    Richard Awkward Ostrich (Richard Strauss)

    Will add more if I think of more. I LOVE some of those. Hahahahaha.

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    How about John Brook.

    Or Leopold of the Beet Garden.

  • 1 decade ago


    Loved by God Mozart

    Of course, if you are lucky on your birthday Zetti may give you gifts

    Little John Reddish?

    Roger(?) LionHorse

    not forgetting the lady singer Betty Blackhead

  • 1 decade ago

    Hi Petr.How about "Walter of the Birdmeadow"?!

    OR "Oscar Cloudstone" ?!

    Best wishes from Heidelberg/Germany.

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