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American General Financial Services loan question?

if you are applying for a loan at american general financial services, do you have to have good credit? Or will they look at your gross monthly income and consider that amount? thanks!

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    American General is a full-service lender. You will need established credit, although it need not be perfect or even great. Your income and it's source will play a part in their decision to grant or deny credit. In exchange for being more lenient, expect to pay a higher interest rate than those with outstanding credit.

    Hope this helps!

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    Its really hard to get anytype of loan right now. Normally you are approved/declined for a loan from several factors:

    1.) What is on your credit report..would you be a risky debtor?

    2.) With the amount of income that you have does it make sense financially for you to have this loan.

    You can contact American General to find out what they're criteria is.

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