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I'm afraid I am going to have to get rid of my dog :(?

I forgot to mention that it is getting to the point where my mom is hinting that she wants the dog out. And, while he has made messes, this last one was the first in over two months so it is not that frequent of an occurrence.


Due to unfortunate circumstances, I have had to move back in with my parents about 5 months ago. I have a dog that I brought with me when I did the move. He has been having some diarrhea problems for several months now with a few really bad accidents in the house. I have talked to the vet about the problem multiple times and have given him different medications but so far, no change. This past weekend I was away and my parents were watching my dog and he had another accident. My mom is really mad about this (which is understandable) but she is really taking it out on my dog, doing things like making him be shut up in his crate all day and night. I wish I had the means to just move out but I don't right now. I need a place to stay so as much as I hate the idea of getting rid of him, I'm afraid that that is what it is coming down to.

Anyway, my question is, how would I go about finding him a good home if it does come to that?

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    Diarrhea problems are more often caused by food than disease. I am assuming that the vet has ruled out disease (as you mention multiple visits). What are you feeding the dog? Perhaps adding some fiber to the dog's diet would help, on top of feeding a food that won't upset his tummy? California Natural has only 3 ingredients-great for dogs with stomach issues. Give it a try (it can take 1-2 months to see improvement). You can add some Metamucil or Bran Buds to the dog's food for a while to help bulk up the stools, as well. If you're feeding cheap foods from Wal-Mart or a grocery store-that would likely be a cause of the diarrhea.

    If the accidents are infrequent, perhaps offering to pay for a professional carpet cleaning every few months would satisfy your mother? In the future, when you are away for extended periods, perhaps you could board the dog instead of asking your parents to watch him? I suggest just doing what you can to take the burden of the dog off your parents.

    If you must rehome the dog-a breed rescue would be the place to go. Petfinder.com has a listing of many of them, separated by geography.

  • Talk to your mom about it and tell her how you really feel if you had to give him up. I would change the food to something like California Naturals or a grain free like Taste Of The Wild in the meantime (like Leigh suggested) as a lot of digestive upset can be caused by the food he is eating. I had to go grain-free because my dog has a grain intolerance and he has had no issues since (he had loose stools and issues with upset stomach and diarrhea like your dog and now he is happier and his stools are firm and it also makes cleaning up the yard a breeze) so maybe your dog does not tolerate grains well either and a change in food would solve your problem.

    But if that doesnt help and you still need to find a home - I would check with friends and relatives first that may be willing to help you out and take him (either short term or for good). See if they have any friends that want a dog and would take good care of him. Barring that - I would look into no-kill shelters and plead your case to them - maybe they would take him and find him a good home.

    Please try the food thing first before you re-home him - a lot of vets don't consider the food thing as nutrition isn't touched upon as it should be and when it is - it is by dog food companies wanting to tout their food. I did research and solved my dog's problem and let the vets know and they were glad I did as it will help them diagnose other cases. They were glad I kept them informed and that is what they told me. Good luck - hope I was of some help.

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    Find a rescue group in your area that will re-home the dog. I just posted a question regarding my mother having to give up her dog...she is beside herself with grief.........my mother is having health problems ....Try your hardest to find a loving home for the dog.......I know it is hard..we are going through the same thing right now. Good luck and God Bless. ♥

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    Maybe talk to a friend, See if they can take the dog in untill you're ready to move out. If not, Take it to the shelter, or a Rescue Center.

    Best Luck!

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    Before you get rid of your pet. Try to find out if it is the food that you are giving it. My dogs would not take any kind of food. If you are giving him some type of food that is causing this. This can be prevented.. Dogs are food sensitive just like we are. see what kind of food he/she the dog will digest easier. Some foods can trigger upset stomach on you pet. All together try changing his/her diet Let me know

    Source(s): My loverly vet doctor who i trust very much.
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    Can you tell your mom that you want to move out to keep your dog. Maybe she will know that you moving out won't be the best for your grades and will agree to keep the dog.

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    Find a rescue group in your area. They will make sure the pup gets a great home.

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