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Leather motorbike suits for ladies?

I am looking for a either a 1 piece or 2 piece leather suit. All I can find are separate jackets and trousers that either look completely hideous or for some reason are pink! I am aware that I am female but we dont all love pink! Some of the mens suits are fantastic looking but they are too big or ill-fitting. Anyone know somewhere in the UK/online that sells good-looking (not pink!) ladies leathers???

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    I never thought I would recommend this company ( as I fell out with the owner ) however when it come to womens leather, they have a massive selection.

    Try J & S. They have a website, stores all over and mail order.

    If you are slim then go for a brand called Corner. If you need a little more room in the suit then try the new Arlen Ness range.

    You really need to try the suits on as they all fit in different ways. When you go to the store, take with you what you will be wearing under the leathers on the bike. E.G and under garmet / thin t shirt etc.

    Good luck.

    Also, ask about last years designs. They buy in massive bulk and sell off old designs for next to nothing.

    Google J & S and it will find you the site. If you are near Leeds, phone that branch and ask to speak to Martin.

    Good luck.

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    You may have a look at Vanson leathers. They are an American company, but have several retailers in the U.K.

    It's been 10+ years ago, but I checked in to a custom made jacket from them. The price was not much more than a similar jacket off the dealer shelf. Plus, you get a custom fit, and the style, options and colors are completely up to you.

    Good luck

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    Look in to a motorcycle dealership or look online alpinestar is a good brand

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    Just put Dainese into your search engine and see what pops up

    these look good to me.

    and whats wrong with pink. I look great in pink.

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