Which band played here....?

On May 16, 2009 at the store Pink Ghost on Las Olas Boulevard in Florida, a band played and I don't know what the name of the band was. It was an open mic show and the band that I saw had a drummer, 2 guitarists, (I think one of them was a bass player) 1 singer, and a key board player. All the people in the band except the singer were male. And the drummer had black nail polish, and he was wearing black and white shoes. He had long black hair that was cut like and emo style, he wore gray skinny jeans and a really thin, sky blue, V-neck shirt. Does anyone know who they are?? Please help.

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    (sarcasm alert) ;P Wow! The band actually had a drummer, 2 guitarists (and ONE of them BASS!) a singer AND a freaking Keyboardist!!!! Dang! Well, there's NO WAY they were a ROCK BAND! NO WAY!!!!! ;P

    Source(s): Hey there :) Since I was a butthole with my answer and I do appologize for that... i woke up on the wrong side of bed... but I did check out http://www.pinkghost.net and you may find the band you're looking for there. Hey, they have some cool freaking shoes!!! Sorry for acting like an idiot and hope this helps. :) have a FUN week! peace
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