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What is the longest consecutive colour run(red/black) that you've witnessed in roulette?

No matter online or real life roulette? Have you seen the same colour hit more than 14 times in a row? Please share you experience :)

This is important because if the usual is 6-7 times in a row, than the RED/BLACK system would turn profitable.....the system is to double the stake on the colour that you've lost until you win, then you change to the other colour with original stake.


If you wish, you can give exact numbers about the longest run, like 10-11-12-20 :)

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    On multiple occasions (at least 5), I've seen well over 14 times in a row. Once I saw 20 times. I do not remember which color it was, and certainly I don't remember the colors.

    The double it until you win idea is the worst way to play in the world! You are risking hundreds, or perhaps thousands of dollars in order to win just 1, 2, or even 5 bucks at a time.

    In your first line, you wondered about "more than 14 times in a row". It is true that this won't happen very often. If you say to yourself, "OK, I'm going to go for it and double, double, double until I win; even if it takes me 14 spins." You won't lose very often - only about once every 7,990 times. (This is based on a double-zero wheel.) However, even if you were just trying to win ONE dollar, you would have lost a total of $16,384 by the time the 14th loss hit! And that's only if you're at a casino that will allow you to place an $8,192 bet on the 14th spin!

    The truth is that most casinos are only going to let you get up to your 11th spin...that is a bet of $2,048. (If they don't let you bet more than $2,000, then you could win that final bet and still be DOWN by $47!)

    So...11 spins in a row losing....that's really about the farthest anyone could take this anyway. You aren't going to see it a lot, but you WILL see it! And this is only trying to win ONE DOLLAR!!! If you tried to win 5 dollars, you'd be down to only being able to afford 8 or 9 losses in a row. (VERY easy to do!)

    I'll say it one more time...doubling, doubling, doubling to try to win a bet is the WORST BETTING SYSTEM IN THE WORLD.

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    About seven years ago I witnessed an eighteen red run in Las Vegas. We were on holiday at the Venetian, part of a bit of a road trip (we're not from the US and not regular or big gamblers).The human psychology was interesting - one guy was following the run and cashed out around 13, considerably richer. People were just coming and chucking hundreds on black (not even exchanging for chips) as the wheel spun and the dealer was struggling to keep up. Many many thousands went on the belief it would 'turn black' Of course these are mutually exclusive events, so it puts paid to the keep on colour doubling up theory. Very entertaining to see all the same. I doubt the casino would allow the same behaviour now...

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    Iv seen 27 blacks on a FOBT lol. But in a real casino iv seen about 14 reds in a row then one black then a future 6 reds. The amount of money lost in that time was ridiculous. In theory if you have unlimited money you can't lose on the double up bet but no one has unlimited money and the casino will more than likely wipe you out first financially. Most casinos have a maximum £2000 for even money bets anyways. Good luck all

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    I've seen red have the longest run. What I do is stay with the color that is coming out until I lose a hand, then I wait until the previous color comes out again and I continue to play it until I lose again. It all depends on the dealer's spin if it stays the same or if he/she adjusts their spin. If you want to win, tip the dealer, and he/she will try to spin in your favor.

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    I believe some casino's limit the amount you may bet on red / black.

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    wait till it hits 8 in a row then start betting opposite color

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    thankyou everyone for answering!

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