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各位英文比較好的大大 幫在下翻譯成英文一下



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  • Sigma
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    1 decade ago
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    Grandma She-Jie was a globally infatuating super star. In her heyday, she gathered quite a fortune. As time went by, however, she lost her glamour and became aged. She denied to accept the reality. After years of denying herself, she became mentally disordered. One day, she died unexpectedly. Her death led to the scandalous conflicts in claiming heritage among her offsprings.

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    請問原著是那一本小說啊? 如果知道請告知好嗎? 謝謝!

    2009-05-20 10:12:33 補充:

    002 和 003 的解答皆有嚴重的文法錯誤!

    Source(s): myself; 100% 人工翻譯
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  • 1 decade ago

    The grandmother once was the big star that goes crazy a fan world all the year round, therefore manily accumulate to produce, but because the variety in times, slowly losing only Cai in addition him already the time Be old to go, because oneself can't accept this kind of fact and accumulate to suffer from mental illness in several years, beginning crazy of, and in a certain his odd death, lead long to pull the scandal that the descendants struggle for power and money for the sake of the property~


    Source(s): 英老翻的
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  • 1 decade ago

    My grandmother Season ,was a popular super star ,the fans were all over the world, so she had many savings.But time pass out,she loose her brillience day by day,she can't accept this fact,so she got a phychic ill and became insane.She died extraordinary one day,her issue fight for the legacy and cause scandals.



    Source(s): 用了些雅虎的字典,大部分都是我翻的!
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