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2.I could be bird.Because 它可以仰望世界各地的城市風景,也可以尋找最適合自己居住的家。其實現在的我想變成鳥的原因,應該就是想過著無拘無束,親近大自然的生活吧。


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    1. The most beautiful dream of life. My dream is to become a jewelry designer. Although this is not my areas are covered, if the goal towards the dream, I will learn from scratch. The design concept of their own, made of finished goods so that consumers wear jewelry, I can show the charm comes from.

    2.I could be bird.Because it can look up to city landscapes all over the world, you can find the most suitable home where they lived. In fact, I would like to become a bird of the reasons, it should be thought that the free, and live close to nature.

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    1.The life has dream will be the most beautiful life. My dream is to become an accessories designer. Although this is not the domain which I browse now, if wants to make great strides forward toward the dream goal, I will from the beginning study. Devised own design that makes the finished-products, lets wear accessories consumer, can unfold the self-charm.

    2.I could be bird.Because It may look up to the world the civic landscape, may also seek for the family who most suits itself to live. Actually present I want to turn bird reason, should be had thought unrestrained, is intimate with the nature the life.

    Source(s): 本人去”支那”留學三年所學的英文
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