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    It's my first time go abroad last summer,and i want to know more by this trip.

    When i get there,i only can feel that there has no difference between me and someone who come from village!

    The only thing i can do is shocked by the whole things in Sydney.

    mountain,river...such beautiful view

    I only stayed there for fourty-five days,but it's enough to me.

    This year i will visit there again,and i hope my Enlgish can make progress faster.

    I like people in there,they are so friendly.

    and i also like the view and the weather in there.

    I will go to the tower of Sydney and the Bridge of Sydney and the opera of Sydney when i can speak English better than now.

    Because of my English,i even can't fill in couple words on form.

    I would remember the whole things in there forever and ever,i'll come back again!

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    It's my first time go abroad last summer,and i want to know more by this trip.

    last summer vacation

    Wow is the only word i keep saying when i get there, so i think there has no difference between me and tike.

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    Last year summer vacation, was my first study abroad, wanted to exit experience.

    I only can say that, I child who comes with the countryside not different, to that side, is the unceasing exclamation, in the Sydney, has Shan Youshui, although I have only gone 45 day, but has also satisfied, can again go this year, but hoped my English may progress quickly, I like there person, so friendly, likes there scenery and the weather.When English good, again goes to the Sydney tower, the Sydney bridge, Sydney Opera house, because English was not good I not to be able to fill in the bill.I forever remembered there person thing, I can again come back.

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    The summer vacation , was the first time last year I went abroad , to want to go out a knowledge a while 。

    I can only say , I come with country of the kid have no two kind ,s to go to there the , is continuous surprised sigh the , has mountain to have water , in, in Sydney although I only went for 45 days, , however also satisfied , will go to , again this year hope that my English can progress hurry up , I like person , there thus the friendly , like the scenery there and the weather 。Wait for English like the , goes to tower , Sydney bridges , Sydney opera houses , in Sydney again in 1:00 because English doesn't like me basically even the slips can't fill 。I remember the personnel there thing , forever I will come back 。 again

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