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    Q1. You thought that you are joyful young people?

    Does such earnestly? I certainly am joyful young people, because I am a happy person, although in family utterly destitute, can only use the bill to work as wallpaper, was also poor is only left over the money, but I actually crossed very much happily, everybody said that my long good looks and graceful manners quite, the skill won universal praise, not only made the oral traditions, but in made the fable, in proper family relationships, brotherly harmony, ethics and in a happy family grew up, such living conditions also had are assorted are dissatisfied, but also had is assorted not joyfully? In this world also wanted the unfortunate person me too to be really more than, I thought that I needed to introduce I, I already 22 years old, but I did not have 22 years old should slightly to have the appearance, often held a pure heart, therefore sometimes the friend could think that I had a little weak, the interest was strolls Department store's toy department perhaps goes to the house nearby toy store to stroll with boss chats, usually also will hold old woman extremely the street, the Japan line one friendly, I will also hold 2-3 time when the holiday, looked like me like this intelligently clever simple and honest simple-hearted clear to be possible the person eucalyptus to face the wind has like the F4 student, but alsoHas is assorted is not joyful?

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    Q2. You thought how to describe, describe you with you quite ripe friend or teacher

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    Like this describes me with I very ripe friends. I am the humorous charming special sentiment good male student, in theirs eye, I is the 夠 loyalty good friend, in division commander's eye, I is studies hard the good

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    student diligently, in parents' eye, I is a filial intimate good son, in the younger brother younger sister's eye I is mature reliable good eldest brother, in girlfriends' eye, I is the intimate charming good man. Such perfect

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    I, will have unavoidably a little minor object, was ~ being jealous have been too many, but has not related, just so-called: ” ability is stronger, the responsibility is bigger”, if this is the body is the pardoned crime which

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    a perfect person should have, I accept. If with my not ripe teacher or the friend certainly will think I 跩 跩, that was really sorry very much, I also very want to know everybody, but I will be very always busy, was sorry that will be sorry ~~

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    太多自 所以分開

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    Source(s): 哈哈, 我英文有那麼強 就好了= =
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