quick analysis for this quote form macbeth?

But Macbeth is.

20 A good and virtuous nature may recoil

In an imperial charge. But I shall crave your pardon.

That which you are, my thoughts cannot transpose.

Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell.

Though all things foul would wear the brows of grace,

25 Yet grace must still look so.

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    Malcolm is trying to convince Macduff about how even the most virtuous person can fall into committing sin. "angels are bright still, though the brightest fell." because we know that Macbeth is introduced as a respected, dignified hero in the beginning, but he fell from his goodness because of his desires, pride, ambition, and Lady Macbeth's persuasion. He is clothed still in grace, being the king of Scotland, but he loses his good nature inside.

    An easy translation:

    "But Macbeth is. Even someone with a good and virtuous nature might give way to a royal command. But I beg your pardon. My fears can't actually make you evil. Angels are still bright even though Lucifer, the brightest angel, fell from heaven. Even though everything evil wants to look good, good still has to look good too."

    hope that helps!

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    Malcolm is suspicious of Macduff's intentions or future actions. Malcolm is fearful that Macduff will betray him in order to gain Macbeth's favour (by giving up Macbeth's enemy), which Macduff answers by saying he is not treacherous.

    When Malcolm says,"a good and virtuous nature may recoil in an imperial charge," he means that although you, Macduff, say that you are not treacherous and you won't betray me, even good people may end up following a king's orders. Even your good nature might surrender to the wishes of Macbeth and you may betray me.

    "But I shall crave your pardon. That which you are, my thoughts cannot transpose." Malcolm here means that he is sorry for his accusation and that his fears of betrayal might not be relevant to Macduff's case. Even though Malcolm expresses this fear of betrayal, he realises that Macduff's nature might not lead to betrayal.

    "Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell. Though all things foul would wear the brows of grade, yet grace must still look so." The brightest fallen angel is an allusion to the biblical story of the devil's fall from grace. It essentially means that even though the best of the angels ended up being evil, it doesn't incriminate all the other angels. Malcolm basically says that although there's one or two bad apples, it doesn't mean that all the "apples" are bad. To reiterate, just because some good-seeming people would betray me, doesn't mean that all good-seeming people would. And yet, even though those evil people looked like good people and turned out evil, actually good people are going to look the same as the pretenders.

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    Basically he is saying that things that look sparkly bright and amazing are often actually full of evil.

    the angels bright still bit is about the devil, and how he was the best angel until he got kicked out of hell.

    yet grace must still look so, is his kinda conclusion, that macbeth looked amazing and had a facade of goodness, but now it turns out that he is actually evil.

    hope this helps.

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    Even though one may start out virtuous one could lose one's virtue in the heaviness of the of the office. Please for give me if this is not so of you but I cannot tell what's in your heart and soul by merely looking at you I am no mind reader. There is still virtue about us even in Heaven but even in Heaven angels have fallen. Whereas Evil will deign to wear a good face for subterfuge. Good will always wear one too.

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    Still Though

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    That is the reason I hate Shakespeare. Who can understand that chit? Might as well say gobba gubba puql nulq porw for all I can understand it. Speak english for heaven's sake...LOL

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