How do I get over a heartbreak and my parents divorcing all in one day?

Well all in one weekend. I found out Friday that this guy that ive liked for almost a year likes someone else. And this whole weekend my parents have been fighting and they tell us tonight that they are getting a divorce probably. I'm hoping that probably will turn into a no, but I know it's not going to. This weekend was litterally the worst weekend of my life. I really dont even know what to do. I cant talk to either of my bffs cuz one dropped her fone in my pool and the other lives halfway across the country and hasnt answered a single call or text all weekend and her fone is off. Some of my other friends were there but still all this pain is killing me. I really dont know what to do. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET OVER THE BIGGEST HEARTBREAK IVE EVER HAD AT THE SAME TIME MY PARENTS ARE GETTING A DIVORCE? And when i say huge heartbreak, i mean he seriously broke my heart. I've never even gone throught heartbreaks nearly this big. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!


Oh, and I think my parents are still making me go to school tomorrow.

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    Not to be mean but you can't have your heartbroken if you only liked the guy and was never with him. They're called crushes for a reason, they hurt like hell. And when you realize it won't be you think the world is over. My parents divorced about twelve years ago and sometimes it still hurts, thinking of what some people have and what you dont, I haven't actually had a real family since i was four. Its hard being the odd one out that all the kids pick on. Yet now when someone tries to hurt me, it takes a hell of a lot to knock me down. I'm not saying i'm invincible, but all that hurt made me more accepting of pain. Going to school is for the better, there you can talk to someone. School counselor is my best suggestion. Also you won't get ovet this is one day if that's what you are thinking. You don't just wake up in the morning and suddenly don't feel it anymore. You need to be patient. You're friends may not be answering the phone, but i know someone that you can turn to. GOD.. I'm not even practicing any religion, yet when i feel alone i do turn to God, or if you'd rather me say, a higher power. I've studied and been exposed to many religions, and i believe its the sufis that turn to god in a time of despair and simply turn their hands up to him and say "you know what i need" They do not ask for anything, they simply put it in his hands to heal them. Its like the Pheonix, they are burned down to ash but yet they rise out of the ash even stronger and more beautiful than before. That's how you have to be, except the pain, and take the time to heal. Then you will heal from the hurt and come out stronger. Also think of it this way, in order to paint a beautiful portrait the canvas must be blank first. In order to fill a cup it has to be empty. In order to fill you heart with love, you have to feel the emptiness that you feel now.

    Don't lose hope. If you ever need anyone to turn to, you can contact me and also keep what i said about god in mind, you don't have to be religious to do it, you just have to believe that he will help you. I'm sorry if i came off harsh at the beginning, but keep all that i said in mind.

    Best of luck,


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    One day you will look back at this one and laugh. I don't mean to make light of your pain i remember it very well but you will get through it just like we all have. The best thing you can do is go to school keep your mind on other things. You will have so many more boy friends you'll see. My heart has been broken so many times i don't think it's possible to hurt it anymore.

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    well going to school is the best for you, it will keep your mind busy!!! and yes sometimes a heartbreak is the worse thing ever, but you sound very young and this will be a memory very soon and you will wonder why you even loved the boy!!! and for your parents just think now they will be better parents cause they will be happy! you will see it seems bad now but both will be forgotten... except for the divorce will be rough until you see your parents happy!!!

    Source(s): my parents got divorce when i turned 18 omg i thought it was the worse thing that ever happen to me. until I met my husband!!!
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    Its hard to get over a heartbreak but only time will heal the heart, its going to be hard but you will get over him, also with your parents I don't really know how that feels, but sit down and talk to your parents and tell them how you feel, cause obviously they are doing what's best for them and im sure you will still see your dad or mom which ever one moves out, you can still spend time with them, nothings going to change but the living arrangements.

    P.S. you still need to go to school tomorrow

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    I'm sorry that your parents are getting a divorce. I wish I was there to give you a hug. Do your best to distance yourself from your parents right now. Focus on school and the things you enjoy. Check out EWTN when you have a chance. EWTN has helped me get through many difficult times. Good luck!

    Source(s): Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN)
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    Then you should go to bed so you can get up in the morning.

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