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Who will replace Chan Ho Park in the Phillies Rotation?

With Park have a 1.1 inn 5 ER day on sunday. will he get sent to the pen, if so who replaces him? Happ,,Carrasco, or Carpender?

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    It's going to be J.A. Happ. He's pretty much the future number 2 of their rotation once Brett Myers is out. Happ pitched the 11th and 12th and only gave up one hit in that extra inning debacle a few days ago. He should've broken into the rotation at the start of the season.

    Park has been on a steady downhill slide since his Dodger days. They should have seen that horrible start coming all the way from LA.

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    It would definately be Happ. he was going to start the second game of the double header on saturday, until he had to pitch the 11th and 12th on friday night. Carpender is an emergency call up, and not some one that you would want to start more than one game for the phillies. He's just not a great pitcher. the last couple of years in the minor leagues he's gotten eaten alive by AA and AAA hitters, so i have no confidence on him starting in the majors. i do see him having a clay condry type of career though.

    Carrasco has been getting bombed as well lately, and his ERA in AAA right now is 6.31. he's having big time mental issues on the mound. he impplodes if he gives up a couple hits in a row or if his defense makes an error. He still has some of the best stuff in our minor league system, but he's got to get it together mentally.

    So, i think its got to be Happ. He's had sucess starting in the Majors, he's been good as a long man out of the bullpen, and he almmost won the battle for the 5th starter's spot in spring training. he doesn't have incredible stuff, just average stuff, but he has really good control, and he knows how to pitch.

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    I think Park has to go to BP as the long reliever or middle reliever.

    Then someone should replace him right?

    Happ was the favorable choice coming into Spring, but I think he needs to stretched out. So the immediate replacement should either be from the farm or something. I would take Andrew Carpenter as the short term answer.

    I don't think you can just throw Happ in there until he's stretched out.

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    ...maybe they should let the Phanatic pitch.

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