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RoH Cm Punk Or Wwe Cm Punk?

I Liked RoH Cm Punk Because He Makes A Better Heel Than Babyface

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    ROH CM Punk totally destroys WWE CM Punk. In wwe CM Punk is too watered down while in ROH CM Punk was able to show his full potential and showed some amazing maneuvers. CM Punk truly showed in ROH how good of a wrestler he is. Also heel CM Punk definitely beats a face CM Punk. As a heel CM Punk just had so much charisma and he was able to showcase some of his great mic skills. CM Punk was a great heel and he would be a great addition to the heels wwe has right now. ROH CM Punk>>>>>>>>> WWE CM Punk. People that don't believe me watch CM Punk's ROH videos he was absolutely amazing long time ago. Also the Pepsi Plunge was an amazing maneuver along with many of his other great maneuvers from his move set.

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    RoH Punk because he's a great heel and I loved the Pepsi Plunge. WWE has watered him down too much.

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  • 1990
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    ROH Punk craps all over WWE Punk if fans bothered to wacth some of Punk's ROH macthes they would see what he is really capable of.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    RoH beacause he used the Pepsi Plunge and he is good as a heel

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ROH definitely.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Just don't like him since TNA raven follower

  • Erik D
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    1 decade ago


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