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How to hug a girl a little taller than you?

ok ive been going out with this for a bout 5 weeks and we havent hugged yet were 11 (kinda sad i know) and were planning to hug tomorrow shes a little taller than me 2 or 3 inches what would be the best way to hug her i really want her to enjoy this hug because we really like each other any other small tips would be appreciated but the main question is what would be the best way to hug her im thinking aroud the waist but im not sure thank you to all that help and God bless you!!!

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    Aww this is the cutest question i have seen so far today i mean your planning to hug thats cute. Well then guys should always hug girls around the waist. Just hug her normally like if you were hugging a girl shorter than you. But, try hugging her everyday like when you see her in the morning it shows that you really like her.

    Hope i helped


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    okay last yr i was in 6th grade 11 lol

    and i was taller than my boyfriend and he just hugged me around the waist cuz it would be awkward if he hugged me how guys would normally hug girls but yeah lol that's why i date people the same height as me now !

    Good luck!:)

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    i do no longer think of smallness has something to do with it. it truly is unlike dudes love each and each short woman. it truly is a stereotype. If that grow to be actual actual i would not be 19 and easily have had one boyfriend and 5' and 80 5 lbs. yet we've been at the same time considering that center college so because it truly is probable why yet nonetheless the two way. additionally i do no longer think of it truly is straightforward u merely eager as much as now a dude merely for being super tall. it truly is like singling out short dudes merely how u sense ur being singled via human beings because of the fact of ur top. If u do no longer prefer human beings juding u over being short than do no longer single all people else out for being short. Plus i myself do no longer see how ur so short yet u won't be able to be pleased with somebody familiar top. i could comprehend if u have been a tall woman than yeah i might comprehend yet. considered one of my puppy peeves while a woman is variety of a midget below 5' and can't be thoroughly pleased with a individual merely a tad bit below 6'0. it truly is one element to loving a guy inspite of the fact he's over 6' and it truly is yet another element to easily seem particularly for a guy whose over 6'0 on purpose. It merely would not make any experience to me. besides some dudes do no longer innovations short human beings. i've got have been given some tall guy pals they have by no potential suggested something approximately my top and that i myself could care much less approximately theirs merely saying. so idk what's up with the human beings ur with. so goodluck. notwithstanding

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    if possible - go for a hug around her neck - it is more manly and you will feel more in control. If you ever hug around the waist it should be to pick her up. Good luck.

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    Hmm...When you hug her reach up towards her shoulders and she'll most likely bend down. She'll probably feel a little uncomfortable too. Don't worry too much. good luck!

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    Stand on your tip toes.

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    She will probably put her arms around your neck, so put your arms around her waist.

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    stand on your tippy toes, jkjk i dont think it matters

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