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Major US events from 1992 til present?

I have to write my own verse for We didn't start the fire by Billy Joel and I need a list of events. I have september 11, swine flu, The American-Iraqi War, Obama and stuff like that. I need a few more. Please and thanks.

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    I'm a big Billy Joel fan, hear are a few of my picks:

    7/7/05 British subway bombings (aka 7/7 bombings)


    Mumbai Attacks


    Hurricane Katrina

    Bird Flu


    US involvement in torture

    USS Cole

    Israeli airport terrorist attacks

    Current world recession


    Somalian Piracy

    Battle of Mogadishu (black hawk down)

    Israel Palestine conflict

    South Ossetia War (Russia invading Georgia)

    O.J Simpson Trial

    Nancy Kerrigan attacked

    Many earthquakes have happened around the world

    Reagan dies

    Princess Diana dies in car crash

    Afghanistan (how could I not mention this one earlier)

    Iraq invades Kuwait

    Mad Cow disease

    Guantanamo Bay

    North Korea Missile test

    Enron & other business scandals

    Iran being a douche

    Abu Ghraib

    Hugo Chavez being a douche too


    Challenger blowing up

    Space Shuttle Columbia disaster

    Benazir Bhutto Assassination

    Here are the ones I could think of. But in the spirit of the Billy Joel song "We Didn't Start the Fire", you should include international events as well as domestic, as you probably already noticed I sure did.

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    1993 - the Waco tragedy, 1995 - Oklahoma city Bombing, 1994 - the Atlanta olympics and Olympic park bombing, 1999 - the Columbine college bloodbath, Americas involvement in Kosovo and Somolia, of direction there grew to become into 911 observed up by technique of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.... Is it basically me or am i concentrating on the undesirable issues?

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    Miracle on the Hudson

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