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I have a siamese cat, I want to get another kitten (ragdoll), How will the siamese deal?

My siamese cat is around 9, he had a twin brother that died about 2 years ago. We feel like he's lonely and want to get another cat, but were not sure if he will be jealous, or go crazy?? Help please!

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    Well I had a Burmese Cat for about 6 or 7 years and we got a new kitten(DMS) and she hated and picked on the kitten.. she eventually had to get put down because she was getting arthritis, but she was just so evil towards our kitten lol

    Some cats can get very territorial when a new cat/kitten enters their home, so if you do go ahead with getting a Kitten, get your Siamese and the Kitten and put them in the same room and see what happens, do not leave the room but start petting your Siamese cat and stay calm as animals can pick up your moods, if your calm then it will reflect on your Siamese and hopefully will take it good.. but every cats different.

    He will most likely be a little angry at first but then lighten up towards the kitten, if he hisses at the Kitten then just let him do so, its a sign of dominance towards the Kitten and if he does get aggresive, dont stress too much but if it gets too far or he hurts the kitten and I mean seriously hurts or scares the kitten then start telling him, "No, bad -name-" and dont be afraid to do so, your the leader of the clan, show some dominance.

    Personally, its your choice, he probably would be lonely but cats are very intelligent animals and usually enjoy the comfort of people, but seeing as his twin brother died.. probably best to get a kitten if you think so.

    Source(s): Cat owner for 14 years
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    You never know, every cats are different, I'm pretty sure in this case, your cat won't mind company but just make sure that the new cat you get is around his age and doesn't do things your cat doesn't like to do. My cat hated the kitten I got one time last year, but she grown to love him, so it should be good.

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    it could go 2 ways he could love it or hate it but i think it would be great to get a girl there would be NO competition over space and im sure he would come to love her

    Source(s): my cats we had a male,took in a female now they are good friends
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