Pediatrics!!! Help<3?

1.Describe your work yeat (Busiest time? Why? Do the hours change?)

2.Do you need any POST-BA(graduate degree) requirements? If so, what are they? Does it help you advance or earn more money?

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    Most pediatricians are as busy as they want to be or busier. During the winter months our office scheduled more appointments for sick children because respiratory infections are more common at that time of year. But my colleagues still in practice told me that this winter was an exception. It didn't get busy until the middle of March. It happens now and then. There were many winters with bad flu epidemics where my partners and I worked until 11 pm or beyond.

    Well baby care is rather steady throughout the year.

    Well child care tends to be busier in the summer as children entering school often need physicals and completion of their immunizations.

    Sports physicals tend to jam up at the start of the school year and in early spring.

    In undergraduate college, just be sure you take the requirements for entrance to medical school. If you have the option of electives, I'd suggest a course in child psychology and a semester of accounting. The latter recommendation is from my personal bias in private practice. Nowadays many practices have managers who oversee all the financial stuff. Still, it's nice to know who's working for whom.

    Don't go into pediatrics for the money.

    Source(s): Retired pediatrician
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