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Is this a good Summer reading plan? I've tried to mix the dense with the fun.?

I'm likely going to have 4 or 5 books to complete for school (I'm entering my Senior year of HS), but they're not included.

"Sophie's World" -- Jostein Gaarder

"Flashman in the Great Game" -- George MacDonald Fraser

"Everything is Illuminated" -- Jonathan Safran Foer (one of my favorite movies)

"Walden" -- Henry David Thoreau

"Good Hall" -- Natalie Babbitt (nice break)

"The Bell Jar" -- Sylvia Plath

"The Archivist's Story" -- Travis Holland

"Siddhartha" Hermann Hesse

"Dead Souls" -- Nikolai Gogol

Damn... that seems a lot longer written down. I may choose against reading a few of them, just because those 9 plus the many books I'll have to read for my english course and 3 history courses will probably amount to a whole lotta reading. Any suggestions as to which ones I should cut out?


Some of my favorite books are "We" by Zamyatin, "Brave New World" by Huxley, "1984" by Orwell and "Running With Scissors" by Burroughs, if that helps in the elimination process.

Update 2:

book_geek: I've got AP English next year, and then I'm taking AP US Government, Sociology/Psychology and East Asian Civilizations. The last two are taught by my favorite teacher in the whole entire world (I'm such a history nerd lol), but he pretty much only believes in primary sources. For example, last year when we were learning about WWII, we read part of "Mein Kampf." I now know that not only was Hitler a crappy artist and one of the worst men to ever live... he sucked at writing, too.

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    Good luck with Walden...(dense as hell!)

    Definitely read the Bell Jar!

    I know what you mean...I've got four book to read for my AP class next year...and those books are NOT fun books (I'll just have to grit my teeth and read them though...)


    AP Language

    then AP Literature

    AP Bio (no books for this one though)

    AP US History (don't get me talking about the primary sources!)

    Well, Hitler being a poor author doesn't surprise me...

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    Cut all of them. Try just two:

    Giles Goat Boy (John Barth) and Ulysses (James Joyce. They are college + - level books which are amusing and put your mind into a new world.

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    darrrrrrling yes

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