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How funny albeit hazardous could it be to openly solicit Obama jokes for a collection titled White Like Me?

This seems most appropriate under the present circumstances. Some people think Obama has made a joke of many things. Campaign promises, the economy and the military, among other things seem to be the butts of many, some would call, jokes made either inadvertently or naively by Obama, either directly or indirectly, as Obama might say. Anyway, a collection of jokes about Obama might serve well to decompress, so to speak, and portray the present administration in a more appropriate perspective so as to jive with reality.


Okay. It's semi-official, now. My sense of humor is entirely inappropriate!

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    Do you mean "White Like Me", "Half White Like Me" or "White Lie Me"?

    I think that "White Lie Me" might be considered as too politically incorrect, as far as its insensitivity towards people with short term memory impairment, is concerned. One can only break so many promises before people start becoming concerned. Just look at the blunder he made one night when talking to Jay Leno on his late night show.

    If you mean the book should be called "White Like Me", would you be soliciting pictures as well? The following picture embodies the essence of what it is to be "Half White Like Me":

    Obama as well soon may be under the veil, so to speak, for reasons of safety.

    It might be funny in a sick kind of way.

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