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Now that Pelosi is a bonafide liar, isn't it time to see her justification for certification of candidateObama?

She's a certified liar.


He's spent $one million of campaign contributions on legal fees to NOT show his bonafides (BC, Occidental admissions, passport files, etc.) and here Edwards got in trouble for spending only $100,000 of his campaign funds for his mistress.

Besides his father was Kenyan, and since 1758 the British Law of Nations, upon which the Constitution is based, has CODIFIED the definition of "natural born citizen" as Jus Soli Jus Sanguinus (of country and of blood=both parents). He has never been eligible.

Anyone who says a son of a foreign national (non US citizen) is eligible to be POTUS is a traitor.

Update 2:

Yes Pelosi was responsible for certifying Obama.

And POTUS must be a natural born citizen, a US citizen alone is insufficient.

Update 3:

nordic you are confused or a simpleton: There's four types of US citizen, and only a natural born citizen is eligible as potus.

Update 4:

tehabwa, go back and re-read the Constitution, Article II: the only exclusion for potus eligibility insofar as being just a US citizen was for the founders alive at the time of ratification. POTUS must be a natural born citizen, not just a us citizen.

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    She needs to go! PERIOD!

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    I am enjoying watching Pelosi squirm over this and I will enjoy it even more when Obama pushes her in front of a bus but anyone that pays attention to politics knows with Democrats its always just a matter of time before they shoot themselves in the foot...Obama's economy will be the second bullet in their foot, lol.

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    the reason why only 21 % of the country admits to being a republiKan is because of garbage like you spew. You right wing wackos only whine about pelosi and accuse her of lying but ignore boy georges lies that have resulted in about 5000 american lives lost in his fake wars. You defend a war criminal by denigrating the opposition, but guess what? the republiKan party is dying and will disappear soon. maybe you should go with them, you whiny crybaby.

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    Point of information: Is Pelosi somehow responsible for "certifying" presidential candidates?

    EDIT: OK, the questioner isn't responding. Does anybody else know?

    EDIT: OK, I looked it up. The Speaker of the House does nothing of the kind. That should answer your question. See link below.

    Ten points for me, woo woo!

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    She's always been a liar just like obama she just got caught and the liberal press even is not letting this go if only they did the same for obama

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    What do YOU know about the laws of citizenship?

    Apparently - not enough.

    People need a true education in citizenship law before they spew nonsense.

    I dare say I know a great deal about citizenship law. Obama is a US citizen.

    As for Pelosi, I don't care for her. That said, she is no Obama.

  • Anonymous
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    Good luck with that. First, they are still idiots out there who think she was lied to, hard as THAT is to believe, but pathological hatred for Bush is pretty strong among them. Second, if need be, Obama will throw her under the bus, like he did his grandmother when he had to, and hang Pelosi out to try. He won't be touched by that unless Pelosi is doomed and so angry that she actually talks about Obama--and that won't happen.

    See what I mean?

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    What evidence do you have that she's a certified liar?

    The CIA has lied before; I see no reason to assume they're telling the truth, and she's lying.

    Obama is clearly a citizen of the US. The people who keep telling you he isn't are liars.

    Believing everything proven liars tell you to believe isn't very bright.

  • Anonymous
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    Prove any or even one for truth and you my friend are a traitor to your country and should be hanged

  • Don M
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    She is and your proof is what?

    I think it's clear that the committee's hearing this week clear her of any wrong doing. FBI and CIA testify that Cheney did in fact torture these people before congress was notify.

    SEE CSPAN 2 or 3 for more info

    His mother was a American which by law makes him a US citizen and I'm beginning to think your nuts.

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    I beg you don't associate the scum Pelosi with our president

    As one who supports Dems TO HELL WITH HER !!!!!

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