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chem hw help please? thank you!!!?

Phosgene, COCl2, used in the manufacture of polyurethane plastics, is prepared from CO & Cl2.

CO(g) + Cl2(g) <---> COCl2(g)

An equilibrium mixture at 395 degrees C contains 0.0102 mol CO & 0.025 mol Cl2 per liter, as well as COCl2. If Kc at 395 degrees C is 1.23 x 10^3, what is the concentration of COCl2?

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    Kc = 1.23 x 10^3 = [COCl2]/ 0.0102 x 0.025

    [COCl2]= 0.314 M

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    Well, Kc is the equilibrium constant. The equation for this is:

    Kc=concentration of products/concentration of reactants

    so you plug the info in...

    1.23x10^3 = COCl2/.0102 x .025

    cross multiply...

    COCl2 = .31365 mol/L

    And that's it.

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