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Steam room VS Sauna??

What are the pros and cons of both of them? Which is more beneficial?

Thanks for your time?

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    Saunas and steam rooms are both similar forms of the same thing, and which is best for you depends on your personal preferences.

    Both forms of heat bath have these benefits:

    + Regular users are less anxious and have a general feeling of well-being after taking a heat bath.

    + It exercises your skin, your body's largest organ, giving you a healthy glow.

    + It is a unique form of cardio exercise, where your heart rate increases while your other muscles are at rest.

    + It has a cleansing affect on your body, as sweat is a very efficient means for your body to expel waste products, especially metabolic wastes.

    + Heat bathing can help your body expel other environmental toxins that get stored in your fatty tissues.

    + When used in a heating / cooling cycle, it can exercise your blood vessels, helping to lower your blood pressure.

    + Humid atmospheres can help alleviate upper respiratory congestion.

    + It boosts your immune system: Regular sauna users are half as likely to catch a cold according to a recent Austrian study.

    The high humidity of a steam room can also help relieve upper respiratory trouble.

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    Well lets state the obvious. They're both HOT

    In my experience a sauna is much nicer. Both steam rooms and saunas make you sweat a load and help to unclog your pores which is beneficial. Steam rooms make it hard to breath and tend to make you a bit more uncomfortable, itchier and more distressed..

    As for which is most drying I'm not sure, but believe it or not i think the steam room would be!

    At the end of the day its all personal preference!

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    They are only beneficial for relaxation. When people say you can lose weight, well, you can but only water weight. You sweat out a few pounds of water and you weigh less. But then your body gets dehydrated, you drink water, and you weigh the same again.

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