How do you react to Prostitutes/Drug Addicts?

I'm doing this for a class, as part of my research.

I would like to know from you (the general public) what your first reaction is to hearing or seeing someone who was/is involved in the sex industry, specifically prostitution and also using serious drugs?

Do you judge them? What sort of views or first impressions do you create?

Thanks guys, your answers and feedback are much appreciated!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    I'm non opinionated, towards any person.

    Street and brothel prostitution is totally legal, also there are legal injecting rooms in my neighbourhood and in my country.

    I live in the middle of a globally known red light district. So I'm used to seeing working girls and guys outside my house and in my street. Also the junkies lined up for methadone everyday, at the meth clinic when I go to work.

    Most people used to ask why I choose to live where I do. Well my house has never been broken into or robbed. My street is 24/7 patrolled by beat police. Being prostitution is legal and since they opened the injecting rooms, a few years ago.

    There are no crime or any used fits left dumped on the street or junkies over dosing in my area. Also all the house and land prices in my area have skyrocketed and are still rising, and my neighbourhood has become a exclusive sought after area for land and home buyers and investors.

    I bought my house and land for a song, due to the prostitutes drug addicts in my area and since this has become legal. My house has quadrupled in price from what I paid for it when I bought it.

    Being a little biased, I've gained great financial advantages by being non opinionated towards, prostitutes and junkies.

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    1 decade ago

    I do NOT support drug abuse.

    I dont have a problem with the sex industry if they are healthy and practicing safe sex and using necessary measures for their own physical safety.

    But when you say prostitute and addict in the same sentence, I think of street walkers. They are usually a bit skanky from the drug use, and will do any client for 10 bucks in the back seat.

    I dont judge them so much as feel sorry for them. One stupid mistake of trying meth one night or whatever, lands them with an addiction they cant control, which lands them on the street making money whatever way they can. I think we need to be creating more and better programs to help these people have access to quality rehab and other medical care as they recover from their addiction and get off the street.

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    1 decade ago

    on prostitutes: how can you judge someone who most probably never chose the life he or she has. you know that the majority of prostitutes were violently made to do it, kept against their will and have all their money taken.

    on drugs users: i only judge them when act violently against someone else. after all it was a free choice they made to start with drugs, right.

    and besides there are so many different kinda drugs. some are very dangerous, others not so much

    btw, in Afghanistan and some other couturiers this question would seem very strange as they use drugs (hashish mainly) regularly and legally, but they don't use alcohol or certain kind of clothes for example.

    so my conclusion is: reactions are bound to where you live in and what understandings you have on life and surroundings.

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    1 decade ago

    People don't usually do these things unless they are experiencing serious problems in their lives. So no, I don't think it is fair to judge them. Why not help them instead. There are many ways to help in our own way just by trying to understand. Read the article below that tells a true story of a drug addict because of a sad childhood with a prostitute mother who was also addicted to heroin. Hers is a good case to study.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Of course I judge them. Who doesn't? Prostitutes are people in bad situations, getting themselves in worse situations. I am not against prostitution as a job and I do think it should be legalized and cleaned up. But selling yourself for drug money is a bad way to go. It's a never ending circle and usually it only ends when they OD or someone kills them.

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    1 decade ago

    I think we all judge people when we first see anyone. How do I react to them at first sight? Well, as for prostitutes, I feel nothing but sadness. I feel extremely sad for them. My sister was one at one time so that was a tough thing to chew.

    As for drug addicts, I feel the same way. I think that they should seek any help available, but because of possible mental illness they might not.

    In general, I feel sadness for people who are in that life.

  • 3 years ago

    amber has a super checklist, yet in basic terms a pair greater i could upload: my very own inner maximum Idaho the place the Day Takes You site visitors (drug addiction) White Oleander (female in the foster care equipment) Taxi driving force (prostitution) Leaving Las Vegas (prostitution) Boogie Nights (with regard to the porn industry yet devolves into drug addiction and prostitution)

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    I am much more lenient regarding the sex industry than I am about drugs.

    Regarding sex, if I have something I want to sell and you want to buy it, why should anyone else have anything to say about that?

    However, sex is legal. Drugs are not. I have no sympathy at all for those who choose to use or sell drugs.

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    I feel they've been duped into the lifestyle by someone preying on them to get them as a user or seducer.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't judge them because, I pay no attention to them.

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