what proceduers are taken when a new inmate comes to jail?

my friend might be going to jail he dosent have a computer and asked me what happens when he steps of the prison van and entre the gates of the prison? what happens untill he get put in to his cell?and will he get assigned uniforms? what is included in the uniform pack he will be going to texes state prison for smuggling drugs (crocane) and selling and approxmatly how long will he go to jail for he as 2 other felony charges and i think he goes to max security level

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    Can't speak for Texas [sic], but in Arizona, all inmates arrived an a central receiving unit. Alhambra was the main unit in Arizona. Inmates usually stayed at the unit for 1-2 weeks while they were processed.

    During this time the unit gives the inmates tests to determine where they will be placed and what programs the may need. Tests like reading, writing and math and other tests like psychological and psychiatric stuff.

    Once all that testing was done, they would then assign the inmate to a prison somewhere in the state that had the level of security and programs needed for the inmate.

    They would then leave the receiving prison and travel by bus or van to the prison where they would arrive at another receiving unit.

    They would be strip searched, given clothing, have their identity verified and then eventually assigned a cell.

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    Lots of evaluations to determine medical needs and emotional health. Then, he'll be housed with the best fit of people with the same type of crime and emotional health. Usually two to three weeks of indoctrination before being placed in a regular housing unit.

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    if its a supermax it will be an orange jumpsuit

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