Lost season 5 finale - Richard?`?

K- so I've seen a bunch of Q's about smokey and Jacob and the loophole - but what IS Richard? When Sun asked about the people in the 1977 photo, Richard said "I saw them all die"...! So did he see the bomb go off? if they die how does the future happen, and how do Eloise, Whithmore and others get off of the Island etc...

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  • Robert
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    1 decade ago
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    The theory on Richard before was that he is Egyptian. The thick eyelashes that he has which has made for eyeliner comments which Egyptian times is when eyeliner was prominent on men and women. Except for now of course when you want to try to be a edgy alternative pop band that sells out and only wants money and to date Hollywood trash. I digressed off a cliff there didnt I. OK Richard, theory of him being the Egyptian God RA (Richard Alpery) explaining him being eternal and that in Egypt there would be a entry point in the desert to the island which would be where the Egyptians would take their Rulers and they would vanish off into everylasting life (the island) is a interesting theory but Im not on that one.

    I think Richard is from the Ship the Black Rock that was stranded on the Island. On the previous episode he was working on a ship in a bottle at the start of the episode. You notice that LOST starts a lot of episodes with scenes that make you go what the heck, but this is the scenes that they drop clues into. When Jacob and "Not Jacob are on the beach, you get the impression that they are the only two on the island. And we see the Black Rock off the Coast. The conversation between the two covers, you summoned them here, to it always ends the same they come they fight they die.

    I think in the final season we will get a full Richard episode. The Black Rock was a slave ship, Im sure we will see Richard do something redeeming that has entitled him to the gift of eternal life that Jacob has somehow given him. As he says to "Not Locke/Not Jacob/Lockelganger on the way to see Jacob. I am this way cause because of Jacob, I owe it all to him.

    As for the bomb. well this is the island where is there a place that can cure cancer, make people walk and so on. If there is anywhere that can just bam, re-cover from the blast of a Hydrogen bomb it would be this place. My theory has been it is the Garden of Eden since the beginning. Maybe.

  • SuzieQ
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    1 decade ago

    I think Richard Alpert is an android, much like Data in the Star Trek series. They never age. I came to that decision after Richard said that Jacob "made him that way".

    I think the H-Bomb does destroy everything, including the top of the 4-Toed Statue, but the Aliens have a way to contain the energy and damage, so they "fix" things back again.

    I think the island is really a UFO and Jacob is really an Alien. An Alien has also taken over John Locke's body. I think the US Government and the Aliens have been working on the Dharma project since the first UFOs were sighted in Roswell, back in the 50s or 60s.

  • 123go
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    Well... What I think is that when the bomb went off all that happened was that it send all of the people like kate jack, into 2007 where Ben is. And then maybe Richard thought they had died because of the chaos with that be magnet.... Though I'm almost positive that there not gonna end up in LA like nothing happens and I also think that the past isn't going to be changed. That would just completely mess up the whole show

    either that or nothing happened when Juliet hit it, maybe they just added in the flash just to throw us off... So what ends up happening is that nothing changes and some time or another Jack and Sawyer and everyone end up getting killed by the D.I. and richard sees them. not sure though, thats the best thing I can think of

    And Richard is probabaly from the Black Rock. And Jacob for whatever reason decided to make Richard not age. Most of this will hopefully be asnwered in season 6

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Faraday was wrong about his last theory, the past can't be changed, I'm betting the bomb didn't go off and the white screen was really a time flash, transporting the Losties to another time when Richard was still there, and he "watched them die" there.

    He can't have meant 1977, he hasn't even seen Hurley so far in that time.

    Widmore, Eloise, and Pierre Chang cannot be altered in the past, Eloise from the church had always been knocked out by Richard and shot Daniel while she was pregnant. I also think that this baby is Penny not Daniel yet, but that's just a theory.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if the bomb goes off "the future" (as is written in previous Lost episodes) can NOT happen.

    Think of Daniel's logic--there would be no Desmond on the Island to not push the button & thereby cause 815 to crash--> because Widmore wasn't around to trick Desmond into going on the around the world sailing race. There would also be no Penny for Desmond to fall in love with and send him on this frantic search on how to prove his worth to her father.

    BUT, there would also be no Daniel to study time travel, no Eloise, no Widmore. No Others, no Dharma except those on the sub & those on the mainland.

    Richard can not see the bomb go off because he would die in the explosion.

    So the future would happen--for those who were not originally on the Island in 1977, as though they had never been stranded on the Island. Their plane would land in LA, their lives would continue.

    BUT, there would be no Penny, Daniel, Charles Widmore, Eloise, Richard, no Pieerre Chang, Horace, etc

    that is..........if the writters follow a logical path..........which they NEVER DO!!! hwaaaaaa haaa haaa (evil laugh)

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't know if the bomb went off, but I think Richard saw them all die sometime later between those years(1977-2007). Also their death has nothing to do with someone else leaving the island.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    When Richard said I saw them all die he could also have been refering to the purge when Ben killed all the dharma workers.

    I hope they didn't die, I hope the explosion sends them back to the present which is why Jacob says they're coming (hopefully)

    what we do know about Richard is he doesn't age because Jacob made it that way and that he was once known as ricardos

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I accept as true with enormously lots each little thing that Annie A suggested, yet... I do think of that according to risk Jacob remains alive. or according to risk I actual have merely regarded to a ways into it because of the fact this finale has maximum of questions yet to be replied and is driving each physique loopy! So for some reason Jacob touched each physique contained in the flashbacks. could that be because of the fact he who he touches won't be able to kill him? he's by no potential seen nor touched Ben contained in the 35 years Ben has been on the island. After Ben stabs him he falls onto Ben (touching him) then falls to the floor and Locke (black smoke guy) kicks Jacob into the fireplace. So Jacob did no longer unavoidably die, a minimum of no longer via the hand of Ben because of the fact he grow to be no longer ineffective yet after being stabbed. Locke then kicked him into the fireplace. So he actual "dies on the hand of Lock (black shirt/smoke guy)" while the episode opened the black shirt guy instructed him he will discover the loop hollow to kill him. according to risk he chanced on it via inhabiting Lockes physique and tricking and brainwashing Ben to kill him. yet he grow to be the single to end him off. besides the fact that he's a god, i'm particular he's alive. He additionally looked as though it would invite Ben to kill him via saying "What approximately you?" To many theories and regrettably we would by no potential understand the solutions because of the fact the writers of lost seem to love save us lost! we are going to see in 2010... desire it grow to be before that! =]

  • 1 decade ago

    i just realized..

    i think the bomb didn't go off, because if that happened, there won't be any inhabitants on the island, right?

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, just because they died in the past doesn't necissarly mean their future selves died. It could've just re-set everything.

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