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What is this 80's movie? A woman has the power to stop/start time by yelling "shut up/start talking"?

At the end of the movie she has a dilemma because she "stops" time right before a bomb is to hit. It is so close she can see it in the air. Is this a movie anyone remembers?

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    The Twilight Zone

    A Little Peace and Quiet

    IMDb synopsis:

    "Shatterday": Bruce Willis calls his home, only to hear himself answer at the other end. "A Little Peace and Quiet": a harried housewife struggling with rambunctious children, a demanding husband, and the stress of modern life, finds relief from an unusual source that brings both power and responsibility.

    IMDb review:

    This was the first episode of "The New Twilight Zone" and both episodes rank as the best in the series and are great morality tales of the characters identity crisis. ... "A Little Peace and Quiet" is a tale that proves you can't always have things your way, and it ends with the central character to have to make a big decision. It stars Melinda Dillion as a suburban housewife in California with four children who is overworked and just stressed out. Then, one day in the lawn she finds a golden medallion and puts it around her neck only to find it has special powers: It can freeze time and motion! This episode really captured the times of 1985 from a political and cultural standpoint, with the arms race between the United States and U.S.S.R. a hot topic and the threat of nuclear war. When the media tells of the missile that's headed for them, only the medallion can stop it.

    Wow! YouTube has that episode! Here's Part 1 to get you to the right page:

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    Chiller Channel has been breaking up the episodes into half-hour segments. I've seen "A Little Peace and Quiet" several times in the past month or so. It's one of my favorites, much more powerful somehow than the episode it is a remake of, "A Kind of a Stopwatch" from the original "TZ". That final image of the missile frozen in the air and that woman walking through the people truly is riveting as we try to imagine the decision she must make. It's also interesting that this episode has no end narration.

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