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Anonymous asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago


At least 10 words

1.give up


3.focus on




7.attempt 因為...所以







不要太長 僅多於10個字便可

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    1. You must never give up your studies, or your future will be full of danger!

    2. This but a harmless snake; there is no need to be afraid of it!

    3. Let us focus on the topic forests in our project; habitats is too broad.

    4. Don not complain about your toys, or I will take them all away.

    5. Please be tolerant when you are conversing with your friends, or they might leave you.

    6. Sorry, madam, I accidentally bumped into you when I was rushing off to school.

    7. The thief attempted to break the law to seek dishonest money.

    8. So we will give them the credit and they will give us the money; that will do the trick.

    9. After a heated argument, John still insisted that they should not take the money.

    10. You must not blame be for this; it was you who messed it up!

    11. I am extremely grateful, sir, for your kind and caring deeds.

    12. Undoubtly, Mary is responsible for cleaning this up, and do not argue with me!

    13. With the current technology, a manned travel to distant planets is impossible.

    14. Peter is opposing the proposal for the summer camp; Jane is supporting it.

    Tell me if the sentences are too long, or no. 8 is incorrect.

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