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where is the country origin of the bagpipes?

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    When you think about bagpipes, you automatically associate them with Scotland. The origin of bagpipes however are nowhere near the Highlands of Scotland but presumably lie somewhere in the Middle East, in ancient Mesopotamia. Thanks to troubadours (traveling musicians) the instrument reached several places throughout Europe. The Romans also played a major part in the distribution of the bagpipes. The Roman army used to march to bagpipe music. Some historians even suggest that Emperor Nero was a piper himself. The Romans introduced the bagpipes into Scotland. In those days Scotland was known as 'Caledonia'. In Scotland the bagpipes started to lead a life of their own, but the pipes developed in different ways in other countries in Europe as well. That's why we know so many sorts of bagpipes today. Remainders of these are the Musette in France, the Gaita in Spain and Portugal, the Zumarah in Egypt, the Uillean pipes in Ireland, and many more.

    Various forms of bagpipes have been attributed to many ancient civilizations. A style of bagpipe is mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible. Some historians believe the bagpipes had their origin in Sumaria. While others believe it was spread to Persia, India, and the Roman Empire by the Celtic peoples. An Athenian dramatist, writing in the fifth century BC, mentioned the bagpipe.

    Contrary to popular belief, the bagpipes are not of Scottish or Irish origin. The first version of the instrument can be traced back to the Middle East several centuries before the birth of Christ. It was most likely a rather crude instrument comprised of reeds stuck into a goatskin bag. As civilization spread throughout the Middle East and into the Mediterranean lands, the people brought along their music.

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    Origin Of Bagpipes

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    Scotlands traditions all originated from elsewhere. Both the kilt and the haggis are of English origin, whilst the bagpipes originated from the middle-east and first brought to England via the romans. The Romans never invaded Scotland, who later took up the bagpipes along with the haggis and kilt and claimed them as their own.

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    After centuries of development throughout Europe the bagpipe's crude version was brought to the British islands by the romans, having travelled through Spain and France. Modern bagpipes were developed in Galicia, northern Spain (called gaitas) at a time when the inhabitants of the British islands were practically living in caves!

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  • a form of the bagpipes originated somewhere in the middle east. they were modified by the scottish (therefore the modern bagpipes are scottish) the were actually used as battle signals and calls in scotland because it never stops raining there.

    another use of them which arose was to scare off the British because of the strange noise they had never heard before (which worked for several hundred years)

    but the real reason the scottish invented the bagpipes (and kilts) was to make money from british tourists. which is still why they are in use today.

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    Scotland and Ireland, though analog bagpipes have been found throughout history pretty much everywhere.

    Possible textual reference to a bagpipe is found in 425 BC, in the play The Acharnians by the Greek playwright Aristophanes.

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    bagpipes and kilts =Scotland

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    who doesnt know that??

    havent you seen that episode of friends?

    where ross wants to play bagpipes at monica and chandlers wedding,

    because chandler is scottish

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