United Nations Security Council, 5 nations have "veto" power over any action... check/balances?

Reading up on Grenada and wondering if the UN is totally useless...

"The Security Council's five permanent members have the power to veto any substantive resolution"

and the US has done that 4x as much as any other... I can't seem to find any information on a veto override...

Please tell me there's one?

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    Nope, sorry. There is no way for a veto from a permanent member of the Security Council to be overridden.

    And yes, the UN is more or less useless when it comes to stopping aggression or making "peace" unless all five permanent members of the Council agree with each other.

  • Nope. No over ride. To change it the Charter would have to be changed; which would come before the SC and most likely be vetoed by one of the perm members.

    Also, Russia has used it the most. Though half of the US's and most of Russia's vetoes came during the Cold War when ideologies were so strictly opposed to each other. Use has tapered off quite a bit with the exception of the US.

    Wikipedia actually has a nice bar graph showing vote usage...


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    There is no veto override. If one of the P5 (US, UK, France, Russia and China) issues a veto, that is irreversible.

    This is why no resolutions were passed in the Cold War, and why action has been stalled in Darfur (Sudan is a major producer of oil to China...)

    If you are in a developed country, then yes, the bureaucracy of the UN looks like it is useless. But the least industrialized countries (like those in sub-Saharan Africa) benefit from the UN and need the UN (especially ECOSOC) to survive.

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    No veto. Nothing happens unless you appease all 5 of the Sec. Council members. No checks, no balances. The U.N. is pretty useless, unless you're a corrupt politician and want to make money.

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