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Should the FDA have to approve medications before they are offered to the public?

So many medications are offered to the public via national television, sometimes internationally, that have not been properly researched and tested (not necessarily on animals), but tested and researched none the less. People take these "magic" pills and other medications all the time that they have seen on TV, soon to realize they don't work. Really it should be a crime to sell a medication that hasn't been properly approved I think. I know what makes people purchase them....the desire to improve themselves, though it still boggles my mind that they actually purchase this stuff.

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    The FDA right now is the only thing that we have to try insure the safety and some evidence that is works. Even with the rigorous testing of new drugs issues will only come up after wide spread use. At least drugs that have been approved by the FDA can be removed. Many of the magic pills are considered dietary supplements and only have to meet very basic standards. I'm with you that is should be a crime, but actually proving that they don't work is extremely hard.

    Many people will believe testimonials and anecdotes without questioning whether it is true or not. Even with true testimonials they don't realize that they prove nothing. People will have great things to say even if it is a result of the placebo effect. Some how you need to protect stupid or gullible people. Then there are homeopathic remedies that are sold grandfathered in and have never been shown to be effective. Even the new remedies don't go through the FDA and have to show they work.

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    I believe all medications should be approved by the FDA because if what little is approved by the FDA as of now wasn't approved by the FDA we'd have more harmful crap messing up our bodies than whats already out there....Also, because of all these "magic" pills not being approved by the FDA and a lot of them not even submitted, research, progress, and our overall health will suffer and get worse as a whole because basically anyone could sell you anything they created that THEY say will help you. Lets also keep in mind how many idiots are out there...

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    If the "medication" has a physiological effect then yes, it needs to be controlled by the FDA. Homeopathy is an example of a "medication" that has no effect (except wallet lightening), as it contains zero active ingredient. These quacks prey on the gullible, a fool and his money are soon parted.

    Unfortunately, people's health is at risk. We have a case here in Australia where a homeopath is charged with manslaughter for refusing his 9 month old daughter conventional treatment for eczema, instead treating her with homeopathy. This baby died a horrible death - from something that could have been easily treated.

    Authorites such as the FDA need to control all health claims.

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    medication does have to be approved by the FDA. What does not have to be approved is supplements like vitamins, herbal remedies, etc.

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