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Any hope for the Pittsburgh Pirates?

We all know the Pittsburgh Pirates are terrible. It is a shame because we have arguably the nicest ball park in MLB, but we are terrible. I love going to PNC Park, but it stinks when your team isn't any good. The sad thing is, the Pirates have money, they just don't spend it. Does anybody see any hope for the Pirates?

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    I'm a Pirates fan too, and I think there is some hope. Look at the beginning of this season. We won on opening day and on our home opener and had a winning record into May. You talk about money, and that is the biggest problem. The organization does have money, but they have absolutely no idea how to spend it. Instead of bulking up on moderately good to excellent players now, they go for the cheaper, worse players, and expect them to become the next Jason Bay.

    Look at the scores of all of our games. I can count the amount of times that we've been shutout on one hand. And yet, we spend money on players like Alvarez and Tabata, and not on good pitching. I'm not even going to attempt to guess how many runs we've allowed, but it's been a lot.

    All in all, if the management can figure out how to spend money and what the organization needs, then we can produce something. At this point, I would settle for a winning season. And we have the ability to do it.

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    I believe the Pirates' management is trying to put a good product out on the field for the fans and do everything they can to build a winner. But, I feel they are not trying HARD ENOUGH. It seems to me Neal Huntington and Frank Coonley are almost starting from the beginning and not really going to try and win right here right now. Two things in my mind have hurt the Pirates this season thus far - injuries and inconsistent pitching. Having your (arguably) best hitter in Ryan Doumit go down on the DL in late April isn't exactly the best case scenario for a team who is thin when it comes to proven veteran backups (at least for back up catchers). Jaramillo is doing a pretty good job, but he is no Ryan Doumit.

    The Pirates pitching started off really nicely but they started to fade a little bit at the start of this month, which they really have to patch up if they want to get to .500. I know the offense has been down, but I don't care because if you can hold the opposition to 1, 2, or 3 runs each and every game, then your offense will find a way to win the game and come up with timely hitting.

    So I can still see a little bit of glimmering hope for the 2009 Pittsburgh Pirates, but they are going to have to really come together as a team for the remainder of the season. It is going to take a lot of work, but I feel team chemistry after the All-Star Break in mid-July will tell the tale on whether or not the Pirates will finish above .500 for this season.

    Source(s): Life-long and die hard Pirates fan.
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  • You guys took the Cards 2 out of 3 in your last series. Your day will come. Hey, look at it this way, the Brewers were the worst for several years, in 2002 they went 56-106. A little time changes everything, and even this season has a long way to go. Maybe this will be their wake up call to open the wallet a little wider. There's always hope, look to the Rays of 2008 for proof.

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    There is ALWAYS hope! You just gotta believe in your team. I wish the Pirates nothing but success & good luck. You should have them look to the Rangers as an example! If they can have a winning season so can the Pirates!

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    Theirs always hope we are in May nobody is out of the Picture not even the Buccos, However the rate this team is going They are the Steel City's Weakest Team and they will not make the Playoffs which its starting to get Old BTW.

    Don't give up

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    confident. by using getting rid of their gamers, they are turning out to be maximum of proficient possibilities. countless people think of that the Pirates in uncomplicated terms commerce their good gamers away yet they underwent an entire rebuilding technique. countless those youthful adult males are going to stay in Pittsburgh. some good youthful gamers: Andrew McCutchen, Jose Tabata, Neil Walker, Rudy Owens, Brad Lincoln, Jeff Locke, Pedro Alvarez, and extra. they have a good destiny.

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    HA! NO

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