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Lexie asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 decade ago

What can be done to achieve mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance?

What can you do to achieve mental and emotional balance - what exactly is the difference between the two?

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    To achieve balance on all fronts we need to reveal what the purpose of our life is.

    Without purpose we are just drifting like a log in the water, while if we know what our role in this life is, we can consciously work towards that goal, and elevate ourselves above any obstacles.

    Our physical self is at a lower level than our spiritual, which means that if we achieve spiritual balance we correct the physical level automatically, but it is not true the other way around.

    So what we need is the method, which can teach us what our purpose is, and then give us the tools to achieve this goal.

    I hope it helps, all the best.

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    This is a tough question. At first thought, I would say physical health, because you need to be healthy to be alive.. but mental health is very strong as well, you can meditate.. you can stand above some suffering, not all of it though.. The best thing would be to be balanced and be good with all of them.. If I have to pick, I'd say: 1. Physical health: this will determine whether or not you will make it to the next day.. 2. Mental health: this makes you strong.. it gets you through life.. if you are mentally strong, you will get up every time you fall down.. 3. Emotional health: this is very important as well.. You can't cope if you aren't emotionally strong.. you have to be able to take everything in and remain mentally healthy.. you have to listen to your heart at times.. you have to understand your feelings to be able to feel at peace.. 4. Spiritual health: it's important to question things.. and look for answers.. but I think the above 3 are more important.. I might think differently over the years, but right now.. this is how I would put them.. Nice question :)

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    The two are very similar, but separate. Mental deals with the mind's state of being, (or intelligence) where as emotional deals more with your feelings. To achieve a balance between PISE (physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional), you must first accept that there are other dimensions beyond the physical, which it seems you already have.

    "Acknowledging and nurturing all four aspects of human life is absolutely necessary for a healthy, happy and successful existence. Just as you must be aware of the four basic directions of North, East, South, and West, you must be aware of your Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Emotional self. Just as it is wise to be aware of the Earth, Water, Skies/Winds, and Fire, it is equally important to recognize P.I.S.E. It's every bit as foolish to only acknowledge North as your only direction to adhere to on a map, and to only be aware of the perils & benefits of the Skies/Winds while ignoring all others, as it is dangerous and illogical to accept only the Physical world as your sole desire and standard of living."

    ~Book of The Unknown

    Hope this helped out a bit! Here's a link to the entire Unknown World Manifesto for future guidance.

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    You can be careful to develop in all areas, mentally especially. Emotional balance is trickier, in that you don't develop it; it just develops through experience and maturation. Mentally, you can learn, acquire knowledge, learn to think, investigate, observe, conclude, etc.

    Balance means you don't allow yourself to get too carried away in any single area. On the other hand, geniuses and people who get vitally interested in a particular subject: violin playing, drawing, writing, skateboarding, romance, and so on--can often excel in those areas because of specialization. So it's a toss up.

    It is difficult to distinguise precisely and conclusively between mentality an emotion. Emotion is a feeling reaction to events and perceptions. Mentality is complicated and has to do with thinking, learning, understanding, concluding and on and on. You can undergo a program to develop yourself intellectually, but as I wrote above, emotion is trickier--maturity in that area take time and experience. You can, however, better control your emotions to a large extent via more control over your thought life. This is the basis of cognitive therapy...

    This book is great with that:


    Also, on cognitive (but minus the good learning exercises and tools the above book has)...


    Physically: Don't overeat, eat good nutrition, drink good drinks. Exercise in moderation with with a variety of types of exercises, aerobic, weights, different exercise roiutines.

    By the way, as long as you are not doing foolish things on an ongoing basis, you as a living human will balance yourself out pretty well, mostly automatically.

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    live a diverse life and experience as much as you can whether it sounds desirable or not

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    Well YOGA is the best Answer i got..

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