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Did Wilkie Collins ever complete Charles Dicken's Unfinished Novel "Mystery of Edwin Drood"?

I was in a library maybe 20 years ago and I SWEAR I saw a copy of "Drood" which was finished by Collins. Since I just read the book ("Dicken's unfinished "Drood"), I'd make a major search for the Collins finished book if it exists. I have read both that it exists and that it's a fiction started by something a Dicken's relative said. Does anyone know?

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    How interesting. The two writers did collaborate on a number of works, including short stories and a play. (I never knew how linked their families were to one another; a Dickens daughter married the brother of Collins.)

    However, the instincts of Richard (above) are correct. There is a new book,"Drood" by Dan Simmons in which the author turns a fictional Wilkie Collins into the narrator.


    According to Collins biographer, Andrew Gasson, W.C. definitely did not complete the aforementioned novel.

    "In 1878 he stated that he had been asked to complete Edwin Drood but had 'positively refused'. He also refused to publish any reminiscences of Dickens, but did help Georgina Hogarth with her three volume edition of Dickens's letters, suggesting a surprising number of omissions which he felt advisable." See very last paragraph at

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    I believe not, though the two were friends.

    Source(s): Just a life long Dickens fan.
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