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Castilla y León and León in Spain?

I'm doing a report for my spanish class and was assigned the province León, but as I keep looking for geographical information all I see is Castilla y Leon! I'm very confused because the map my teacher gave us has León next to Asturias and Galicia, and there is no Castilla y León province.

Did León merge with Castilla?

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    Castilla y Leon is one of the seventeen autonomous communities of Spain. Each community is divided into provinces.

    Leon is a province of Castilla y Leon.

    Here's a link for you where you can find a lot of info


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    León is a city, (and a province) and Castilla y León is the Región Autónoma. And, yeah...the Merger happened long ago, the Región used to be known as Castilla la Nueva until about 15 years ago...I´m not sure what the actual date was.

    I´ll bet you can find it in your research though.

    If your assignment is on the PROVINCE, then it´s León. If it is on the Autonomous region (roughly comparable to a US State, or a Canadian Province) then you are looking for Castilla-León, or Castilla y León.

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    Castilla y Leon is a Region.

    That region has 9 provinces, the province in the north west corner of the region being Leon, with the city of Leon sitting pretty well central in that province.

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