What online surveys pay money not reward points or chances to win sweepstakes?? I would like to earn cash.?

I have signed up for a ton of surveys and all are chances to win a grand prize. I would like to find the surveys that pay actuall money.

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    It isn't true that these are scams; I just got my first payment from one of these sites, and I can show proof! This is the site:


    There is no registration fee, it has multiple ways to earn, PLUS it has a lot of fun stuff. The main ways to earn are offers and surveys, but there are other ways too. I earned some money this weekend just for playing a game in the forum! If you decide to join, PM me and I'll give you some tips that should really help!

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    Source(s): Legitimate Online Paid Surveys : http://PaidSurveys.ohfos.com/?vso
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    Source(s): Get Cash Taking Surveys : http://OnlineSurveys.iukiy.com/?GMJS
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    I have joined few survey sites and written a review about those which pay me around $200-$400 per month as they send surveys for $25-$75 per survey And are free to join. In real I have received $75 survey only once but $55- $65 have been many times. They send me surveys for $2-$10 also but I only take them if they are not ling enough I don't like filling survey forms for cents so I only take surveys that pay me according to my time. You can check reviews of those survey sites at link below.

    Make sure you don't land up in a scam where you need to pay for paid surveys. Legit sites never ask for joining fee as they want real interested people not customers. All sites I have joined are free to join and pay well specially in this time when each and every company wants to know what consumer thinks

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    Having so many paid surveys available all the time lets you live the kind of life you want.

    I travel with my family 3 or 4 months every year! While I'm on vacation, I love to take paid surveys while relaxing on the beach. I can pay for my entire stay in just a few hours of taking surveys!

    REAL Paid Online Surveys...

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    I dont know where people get the idea from that paid surveys are scams I really don’t. I have used about 6 separate paid surveys companies and have never had a problem with them. The site im pointing you to below lists a heap of paid surveys sites with a description of each one. It tells you things like how often they have surveys and how much you can expect to earn. It also tells you what they pay you in, whether its money or paypal cash or even both. So have a look. http://www.techagesite.com/surveys%20page1.htm

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    I've been a member of Mindfield for several years now. You accumulate dollars in an account, and can ask for a check anytime, even if there's only $2.00 in it. In addition, Mindfield has intelligent surveys and interesting questions. You may not qualify for all the surveys, but the links come through your email and are usually very straightforward. I'd recommend them to anyone!

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    6 years ago

    I belong to some market research survey panels such as SurveySavvy, Toluna and 20/20 research. They are all legit and have all paid me by check. You can find a free list of legitimate cash paying survey companies at: http://mysurvey123.com/best-survey-sites-that-pay-...

    They are all legit - free to join, no fees/credits cards required whatsoever.

    Be careful never pay to join a survey site, there are lot of scams. Legit survey panels are always free to join and get paid.

    Hope it helps and good luck!

    Source(s): http://mysurvey123.com & personal experience
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