Can I connect to Xbox live with an ethernet cable plugged into a ps3?

The XBox 360 is all standard, the ethernet cable is plugged into the back of the Ps3, and they are both turned on. The Ps3 has a wireless setting already confirmed in it so i can go online with the ps3. But I want to know that if the XBox 360 will still get online acces

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  • Keith
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    1 decade ago
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    No, the Xbox 360 will not get a connection, as the PS3 would have to act as a router, which is something it was not designed to do. You would have no DHCP or Static IP address to assign to the XBox 360.

    You need to have the IP address for the Xbox 360 assigned via a router or via a server that is assigning IP's on your network.

    Keith D Mitchell, Server Engineer,

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