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Shanna Moakler resigns as co-executive director of the Miss California USA pageant?

Shanna joined Norah on MSNBC the other day and told us why she quit.

Moakler: I don't get paid to do this pageant because I love it and I enjoy it and after I lost control of my pageant, my title holder and instead of getting the help that I really needed my titleholder basically got rewarded for her actions and I can't stand by that.

Norah asked her why she didn't say this during the presser and she said that everything happened very quickly, it was a whirlwind and she thought maybe it could work, but when she say her on the Today show lying abut what happened she had enough.

Norah: What was it Shanna that she wasn't complying with in her contract? The nude photos?

Moakler: The fact that you can't go and work for organizations. She became a spokesperson for NOM organization by doing PSA's, by doing telemarketing for them, appearances, she was neglecting her Miss California responsibilities. She breached her contract by numerous levels and plus continuing to lie, but to answer your original question, I went back to my hotel, I really thought about everything that was taking place and I was upset that in the press conference it wasn't addressed and she needed to take responsibility for those actions and then the next day I saw her on the TODAY Show and she was continuing to lie about some of the photographs and for me it just got petty. It's very difficult for me when someone is lying. I would respect her if she just said I was modeling, I was young, I should have brought it to your attention, I didn't, I'm sorry, but she's pointing fingers to everybody but herself and I cannot take that.

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Do you agree with Shanna Moakler?

Have you ever stood up for what you believe in?

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    Personally, I don't care. She resigned- Good for her. hopefully she has another job in store.

    I agree she should have just said the truth about her modeling pictures that she had taken when she was younger.

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    This is a lot to do about nothing! If she took the bus, Thank God and Greyhound she's gone. This is a BEAUTY pageant not a forum for gay rights. Why do these people even watch pretty women anyway? Let's put a bunch of beer guzzling men in charge of this party and have a real pageant. That poor girl will never get over this travesty. Moakler should have stood up and imitated Donald and screamed "YOU'RE FIRED to that "A" "H" that asked that stupid question. How can anybody hold it against a person for being right? What was she supposed to do lie. My god America what wrong with you? Look what we got setting in our White House right now! Wake up America!

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    Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say Nazi to anyone but Shanna talks high and mighty when she herself is a former Playmate. And she talks about being a role model, give me a break. It's all because of Miss California stating her honest opinion. Hilton set her up. I know he knew her opinion before and he should not have asked it in the first place. Edit-And That is why I am glad Miss Ca. gets to keep her title, because he set her up.

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    It's wonderful this is a free country and the woman got to do as she wanted to. Ultimately, the pageant is owned by Donald Trump and he got to do as he wanted to. Everyone should be happy.

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    When you take responsibility for your errors, most people can relate and at least respect your honesty.

    When you blame everyone else or try and make it about the turn of a phrase....people get angry because they feel that you are trying to dupe them.

    Models get caught out...politicians get caught out (I smoked dope in college but never inhaled, I never had "sex" with that woman, etc etc etc)

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    Moakler is a crybaby and a hypocrite.

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    Shanna who got into a fisticuffs with Paris Hilton - no I do not agree with her - she cannot even hold onto her own man - Travis

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    Tempest in a teapot.

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